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Is Flutter good for Web Development?

By Jonathan Massa
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What is Flutter?

As most of us know, to create an App for Android and IOS, you need two different teams, who will work on each project, but not anymore if you know about Flutter. Flutter is an open-source framework by Google for building multi-platform Applications from a single codebase. Besides mobile Apps, Flutter is now providing web Apps, too. Another huge advantage for Flutter is its multi-capability. Flutter allows developers to broaden beyond traditional App development, into fields that were unavailable and most of the time they have required different tooling and working team. 

How does Flutter work?

So how does this magic happen? It is pretty simple. Flutter Web Engine contains some libraries and APIs to convert the Dart code into HTML, and CSS. There are some steps: 

  • First, your code written in Dart goes through the Flutter Web Engine and then compiles it to HTML and CSS.
  • Then, your Dart code is also put together into Javascript.
  • Finally,  the essential files are served to the browser.

Flutter Web has two different rendering engines from which developers can choose: DomCanvas and CanvasKit. 


These are some points you need to keep in mind when you are working with Flutter Web: one of the biggest inconveniences is that Flutter Web creates a Single Page App. 

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Also, problem is that you should consider users can now open your Website in any screen size or resolution because of it you need to work on the page’s responsiveness.

Various packages support the Web but always check twice about the supported platforms before coding. 

Use existing or make new? 

Are you planning to create mobile and Web Apps side by side for the first time? Then Flutter may be your N1 solution. It will be delivered swiftly and low-priced. as Web and mobile Apps can share the same logic, styles, UI elements, and much more your Apps will look more clean and smart. UIs will need to be built reactive. The reason for this is mobile Apps and Web Apps mismatched screen widths and lengths and resolutions. Sometimes the Web page might need to be entirely different from the mobile version, for this situation Flutter has its Platform checks, which gives you the ability to render various screens on the Web and the mobile. 

If you already have a mobile App and want to expand on the Web, you can use existing logic and UI elements to output Web Apps faster than other web frameworks. But in this case, you should consider that mobile Apps use specific APIs like a camera or local storage, building these features in a Web App may be more challenging or even impossible.

Developer’s Dilemma 

What if you don’t need or want a mobile App, is Flutter a good choice to make highly performant Web Apps? Despite all the features that flutter has, it isn’t the first choice when you need a static Web page. Flutter is one of the best for single-page interactive Webs. So in some cases, flutter isn’t a go-to solution and you should use more traditional methods instead. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flutter Web

So to say if Flutter is the next big thing in Web Development or not, we can summarize its Pros and Cons. Let’s start with Advantages:

  • The main: one codebase for mobile and Web. 
  • Flutter gives developers an opportunity to implement a game engine for specialized products and provide them with advanced animations and physics.
  • It has adaptive layouts. 
  • animations are provided in up to 60 frames per second.
  • Flutter has a huge amount of source and commercial libraries, which is a good advantage for any developer. 
  • PWA supports out of the box.
  • prominent backing for both Material and Cupertino design UI elements.

However nothing is perfect and neither is Flutter, here are some common Disadvantages that it has:

  • Flutter Web is not very SEO friendly.
  • The large load size: HTML minimum payload is 1.8MB, and CanvasKit adds an additional 2MB.
  • Web developers wouldn’t be able to change generated HTML, CSS, and JS code.
  • Smaller community and fewer available developers. 
  • Has weak debugging. 


Flutter sure is an innovation for Web Development, but there is still a long way to go before it will become perfect. In some cases, Flutter will save your day, but if you don’t use it properly you may face a big problem, So use it wisely, Or don’t forget to check our services for Expert-Level assistance from your Swiss Digital Agency. Our expertise includes Web development services and many more. Feel free to contact us anytime!

By Jonathan

Technology Expert


Jonathan Massa

As a specialist in digital consulting, strategy and execution, Jonathan advises organizations on strategic and operational issues related to value creation and digitalization programs focusing on innovation and organic growth. Furthermore, he advises our clients on software engineering and digital development issues to enable them to mobilize the right solutions for their goals.


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