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AI and Web development in the Future

By Jonathan
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Artificial intelligence (AI): What is it?

Have you ever heard people being terrified that one day AI will take the place of mankind, and become rulers of humanity? This may be a great plot for a sci-fi movie, but we can’t be sure about reality. Obvious thing is that AI is a system that works by using systematized data and allows machines to do things that commonly depend upon human intelligence. 

We already using Artificial intelligence in everyday life tasks. For instance, we all have heard about self-assistances like Alexa, Siri, and google assistant, we know that self-driving cars are developing every day and we have all had conversations with chatbots at least once, this is exactly what  Artificial intelligence does, AI frequently accomplishes tasks swiftly and with comparatively few errors.

Potential of AI in Web Development

Don’t think that Artificial intelligence is an enemy of web development and it will cut out Web Development, instead artificial intelligence and Web development will work together for better results. When Artificial intelligence and the Web admix, nothing but a miracle fall out. 

What do we have now?

  • More comprehensible Processes 

Web design is a complex and extended process, but with AI it can be less time-consuming and easier. Just simply AI systems can provide better combinations of layouts, templates, and designs of Web app for a certain user and deliver a better customer experience.

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  • SEO strategies

One of the main benefits that Artificial intelligence has is that it can collect a huge amount of data in just a few seconds, this is a lifesaver for SEO because every day cosmic amount of information and news is accumulating and it is impossible to be on track. 

  • Coding 

Artificial intelligence has the ability to make crucially important but problematic tasks, easier to achieve. With precise predictions of code, constant updates of databases, etc. developers can make more user-friendly and smarter Apps, with less effort. Thanks to Artificial intelligence.  

This is a drop in the ocean compared to what benefits AI has. 

What to expect?

It is really hard to imagine the future of the Web, one may say it already is extremely user-friendly and smart we can track every interaction people make on the Web page, but as professionals say it can be better. 

  • There are some predictions that soon or later websites will be able to understand users’ emotions and characteristics when they interact on the site. Websites will use these emotions for delivering a better user experience and t can be an advantage from a business perspective, with this knowledge you can boost conversion rates in different ways.
  • Another huge problem that AI potentially solves, is the issue of software approximate in predicting bugs and errors. AI can change this by producing further data points thereby software engineers could make more instructed decisions to estimate a user story. 
  • Also, one main benefit that AI will bring to the future is more systematic and improved SEO. AI-powered SEO platforms will bring more detailed insights to web developers, AI tools tell them which is unnecessary content, points exactly where is your user’s interest, and many more. 
  • We can have hope for Artificial intelligence, that it will rescue Web developers from the monotonous web designing task. AI assistance will provide more and more references and templates for your Website and make it more user-oriented.


The biggest issue that AI technology has is that it is really expensive, also it requires high technical expertise. Plus there is a lack of qualified workers and specialists. Another problem that still exists is that AI has limited opportunities, they can only do what is shown to them. But let’s have hope for the future. 


The use of Artificial intelligence technology will become a crucial part of web development in the future. There are many contradictions about whether Artificial intelligence will replace the developers or not. But as professionals say there is no future of Web development without AI, Artificial intelligence will produce more open positions in companies, because of the structure and demand of its system. So we shouldn’t be afraid of AI, instead, use as many opportunities as possible. 

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By Jonathan

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