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How to launch your own App – A Step by Step Guide

By Jonathan Massa
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Mobile Applications Today

Nowadays, mobile applications are the vital part of your company’s digital marketing and communications. So, let’s discuss-why is that? Keep in mind, that current customers tend to use their smartphones far more often than their laptops. In many cases, when creating a website for their business, enterprises tend to adapt their wireframes to mobile view first and then the desktop version.

Yet, some businesses think it’s a luxury to have a mobile application. Actually, it’s not. Creating a mobile application has become relatively easier, especially-with some basic knowledge of coding languages. Before we get to discussing launching process-let’s review some benefits as well.

Benefits of Mobile Application

One of the most important perks is, that applications are far easier to use for the customer. Surely, we can adapt our desktop website to the mobile frame, but still-buttons for example tend to work out not quite as simply as they would in an application.

Quick access is another huge benefit of having a mobile application. Instead of entering a browser, typing in the web domain and waiting until it loads-you can have the app right on your smartphone lock-screen menu. One click is enough, once you’ve saved the authorization details.

As for safety-currently loads of apps have biometric security measurements-which especially come in handy when it comes to mobile banking for example. Fingerprint access is one of the most popular biometric security methods. A customer feels safe and the developer can relax as well, so both sides have security benefits.

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  • Market Research

Whatever you decide to do for your Digital Marketing strategies, the Market and Customer persona research is a must. In this case-make sure you get to know what your buyer/potential client want from an app before you get set on creating design elements. Also, don’t forget to take a good look at your competitors and study the basics of successful mobile applications. Try to adapt them in your planned app and keep in mind-adaptation does not equal to replicating.

  • Initial UI/UX Design

Once you’ve researched your market and the customer’s interests-it’s time to think of designs most suitable for the taste of your target audience. Only a good choice of colors and fonts will not be enough of course. Make sure you’ve done your studies on wireframes most suitable for the purpose of your application. Create low-fidelity mockups first and think through the simplicity of actions taken through the digital medium. Free platforms like Figma enable you to create such mockups and have a good look at other designs.

  • Clear Goals and KPIs

Once you’ve completed the tasks above, start focusing on the strengths of your application and make its purpose clear. What are you trying to find a solution for? Why would a potential customer choose your application instead of another? Once you’ve made your strengths clear, you know what to focus on.  

  • Prototype Testing

Before launching your app, make sure to find the relevant audience willing to test the functionality of your application. It would also be smart to have a QA engineer test the quality of your mobile application. During the various testing rounds, you can see if the app achieves what it should, which means you might let it be, or reevaluate your mobile app features to meet the desired standard.

  • Specific Planning

Specific planning mostly includes choosing the right time for launching the app. Now, analyze the means of your application-what is it mostly connected to? Is it for food delivery service? If it is and let’s say-Thanksgiving is next month, maybe launching it a week before, when your target audience is getting ready and shopping-would be great timing.

  • Beta Release

After you have everything in order, develop a limited release for a few testers to observe how the refined product performs but without the danger of things going wrong.The study, like the previous testing, should be targeted and attempt to ensure that all functionality is in place. You can utilize these insights to bring the big launch even closer.


Launching an app is surely time consuming and takes up a lot of energy and creative juice. No matter how perfect the results-always make sure to be an active listener to your customers’ feedbacks. Stay an active listener for not just successfully launching, but successfully maintaining the performance of your Mobile Application.

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By Jonathan

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Jonathan Massa

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