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How can User Stories Improve Your Brand’s Image?

By Caroline
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Capture User’s Perspective

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing messages towards your loyal customers, or attaining potential ones, User Stories are a great way of handling that purpose. Functionally adapting user stories will create a first impression for a potential client, whether you are trustworthy for example.

Some companies tend to avoid user stories, simply because they think it could sound like bragging about their products or services. Well, the case is completely different though. If you are truly great at time management for example and providing finished projects in time, why not demonstrate that?

Especially, when you have positive feedback from your customer. It is important to acquire all possible resources which help us stand out from the competition. In fact, you’ll be doing your customer a great deal of favor by increasing their online presence as well.

User Story Basics

It’s a great deal to pay attention to the tone of your interpretation of a specific user story. Also, make sure it’s simple and short. Like we’ve already discussed in previous articles related to marketing copies, short sentences and content are more likely to engage the potential customer.

Make it time efficient, emphasize the main point. Also, make sure your punctuation does not resemble the commercials that use cliché words such as “The Best”, “Number One” etc.

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For a clearer example, let’s say your company provides cleaning services. After a while you got positive feedback from one of your customers. The feedback can consist anywhere from 50-500 words. Depends on how much customer has to say. You clearly cannot copy and paste full text.

Say, we extract the main sentence: “I was positively surprised by the efficiency and timeliness of your work”. Here, we make sure to convey a message of time and quality. Also, it’s good to rephrase the sentence a little, in case you need passive voice to tone down the praise a bit.

User Stories for Digital Marketing

Simplicity and consistency of your communications via user stories will help your digital marketing strategies a great deal. One of the ways of telling user stories in a more subtle manner is FAQ graph on your website.

Frequently asked questions will demonstrate that you pay much attention to common interests of your general audience and that’s one way of showing how your product or service works.

It’s great to have the ones on a landing page, and additionally to insert those into FAQ category.

Outcomes of User Stories

Now, stories cannot be never-ending. In your marketing strategy it would not be too wise to trust your customer upon finishing the story and choosing their preferred happy ending, right?

When you update your stories, or add new ones, make sure to make it more specific on the part of outcomes of this story. Even in daily conversations we get annoyed when a story feels unfinished and we start having a question like: “And?”.

Now, imagine your customer feeling the same way about your business. Quite inconvenient for your brand image, isn’t it?

Stay Connected

Just like any other marketing copy, user stories serve productive communications with your audience. If your customer and search engine research shows certain newly formed tendences in your target audience-make sure to go with its flow.

What we mean, is to edit and adapt your user stories to current questions and interests of the audience to make sure your content remains relevant for engagement.

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By Caroline

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Caroline is a branding and communication specialist. She develops brand strategies and visual identities in line with our clients' ambitions. Innovation and performance are her watchwords, transforming your brand into a powerful vector of engagement and growth, her specialty.


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