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How Social Media Trends impact Digital Communications

By Mariam
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Social Media is Taking Over Communications

In modern digital communications social media is crucial. If your company doesn’t have an Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, for some of your potential customers it might even seem suspicious. The sole reason is, that everyone has it-it’s a contemporary social norm to have social media.

Also, social media is a great place to use keywords in form of hashtags which lead your target audience to your content. Yet, professionally controlling your social media engagement is not an easy thing-especially with switching algorithms and trending content.

Social Media and E-Commerce

E-Commerce has gained great benefits from social media platforms, especially the mainstream ones like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. These platforms allow you to create engaging and interesting content of all sorts-from infographics to fancy videos and how to tutorials.

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Not to mention, that on Instagram you can directly create a shop which you can buy from via QR Code payment method. Some of beginner companies don’t even bother to create websites and stick to social media until they have good profits to create a professional website.

Funny enough, when we type in certain company names on Google Search and press the Website button-it is quite likely to find ourselves on the social media account. So, it’s clearly become a multifunctional platform.

Call to Action

We have to emphasize the fact, that Social Media Communications have made it easier for enterprises to launch campaigns which have high conversion rates and call the customers to action far more easily than before.

One of the smartest ways is the swipe up feature on Instagram Stories. First, you get to see the imagery to understand what the ad is about in the first place. Then, a text pops up informing you on a workshop, sale or basically anything you might be interested in. You do get a piece of information, but you want to know more so you swipe up. Afterwards you get another more detailed piece of information, but to find out about it fully-you get to press the link at the bottom.

Isn’t it great, how one feature of one platform simultaneously increases engagement on the social media platform, traffic on a website and CTR (click through rate). Which surely later helps with the company’s SEO rankings.

Social Media Trends

Well, relative to your target Audience-Social Media trends tend to change quite often. Also, there can be universal trends, which any business can follow. It’s best shown through Instagram Reels and TikTok for you 15sec. Video content examples.

One of the assets in content that can be universal-is trending music. It can become a hit due to this. Some sounds might even have very fitting lyrics to show off your work process, or to demonstrate the happy customer reactions. The rest is up to your creativity, even a trending TikTok dance can be acquired for Digital Marketing purposes if you think it through and give it context.

Keep Your Message Short

Lately all social media platforms are trying to be almost like TikTok. This means making content as short but informative as possible. Now that we are used to creative management of content-fitting it into the maximum of 15-30 seconds-it’s become less likely to sit through a 2 minute video or a huge post filled with unnecessary textual content.

This is possibly the biggest impact Social Media has had on our digital communications. So, if once you were told to write 10 page essays-now you better learn to turn those into 10 word sentences.

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