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Everything you should know about Multi-Level Marketing Strategies

By Benjamin Massa
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Multilevel Marketing Basics

To put it simply, Multilevel Marketing Strategy involves sales teams promoting specific products hierarchically. The products are being sold to the customers pretty much directly and in the process sales teams recruit additional sales reps. By nature, multilevel marketing is very similar to referral marketing strategy. The focus is an established community that is interested in updated purchases of chosen product selection.

How does it work?

Basically this is B2C communications. At a certain point a customer becomes an unofficial promoter of the product due to benefits available by their newly recruited customer base. This activity can also be referred to as being a Brand Ambassador. In Social Media communications for example, certain influencers make official agreements with companies to represent them on specific platforms. In this case, a brand ambassador pretty much chooses to be one and carries out the rest of referral work for personal and market benefits.

MLM Hierarchy System

Multilevel Marketing Hierarchy is known as Flat Hierarchy. This means, that the difference between the positions of newcomers and top executives is a bare minimum. The basic roles in this business model are: CEO, sales representative, distributor, sponsor and recruiter. The positions work in harmony and the importance of them is actually just as equal. So, simply speaking a distributor does not stand higher in hierarchy than a sales representative. All of the above are vital roles in Multilevel Marketing model.

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Popular MLM Products

As you know, marketing strategies are chosen in relevance to the production. The sales plans work best with Multilevel Marketing related products are listed here:

  • Farmer’s Fairs
  • Online Events
  • Social Media Groups
  • Home Visits
  • Word of Mouth
  • Viral Communications
  • In Person and Virtual Parties

Active Communication in Multilevel Marketing

Based on the discussions and observations in previous paragraphs, it is clear that Multilevel Marketing depends greatly on active communication. Also it’s important to be noted, that these communications rarely have a digital form and tend to be rawer and personal. This is exactly where MLM collides with referral marketing.

But, the thing about MLM that still differentiates it from Referral Marketing is its organized form of referral systems. What we mean is, that in referral marketing customers play a PR role mostly simply because of their emotional connection to a brand or a product.

In MLM referring system is more organized and has a corporate form. Customers are practically recruited for communications. And, the motive is more likely to be the benefits one is guaranteed to have in case of successful referral sales.

Basic MLM requirements for Successful Business

Let’s review several basic requirements of the given marketing strategy to conduct a successful plan which will primarily show up on our sales statistics:

  • MLM Strategies focus on recruiting sales representatives that will widen the view and perspectives of the business. It’s a long-term attitude, not a short-term one.
  • MLM Strategies also focus on buy-back guarantees. It’s necessary to not let the products go to waste if several sales reps can’t succeed in selling them.
  • The given strategy betters the products benefits both for customers and their reputation. Don’t be selfish.
  • For representative membership there is a very minimal purchase necessity. So, as an ambassador you will not get stuff completely for free, but at the bare minimum price.
  • MLM businesses include research and a strategy to focus on a target customer for sales teams to focus on.

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