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Guide To Mastering Marketing Automation

By Nicole
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Marketing automation plays a major role in creating an effective marketing strategy. It is the adoption of tools and services to automate various marketing or sales activities to enhance efficiency. Any mission that does not require human intervention can be handled by marketing automation.

Some tasks, such as sending emails, scheduling posts for social media and others, can be handled by sophisticated tools and software. The tools and tasks may differ, but there are a few general rules that marketers follow when using marketing automation:

Assess marketing automation needs

Before implementation, marketers set the goals they want to achieve, ask themselves questions like: do I want to save time, increase team productivity and efficiency or do I need more accurate data? This helps them prioritize and use automation in a way that will increase their productivity.

Identify the audience

The first step is to carefully consider the current audience, customers or user base. This will help you understand the target market and with the help of information such as: demographics, behavior, psychology, etc. all this will help you offer better services and gain more customers.

Research and choose marketing automation tools

After setting goals and obtaining data, you need to analyze this information and choose the best software available to meet those needs. Once the necessary tool is found, it’s a matter of maximizing its capability to gain more benefits and increase the overall revenue of the business.

Implement, monitor, improve

With a clear strategy, marketers will implement the chosen marketing automation tool. They divide the tasks among team members, explaining everything they will be responsible for before and after the transition, from manual work to automation. Over time, the tool is monitored and changes are made, even during the process, to increase efficiency.

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What are the benefits of marketing automation?

No matter what the task is, marketing automation can help make your job easier. There are several things you can do:

  1. Personalize

Marketing automation allows you to create more human interactions. By using user data, automation is able to gather, communicate, and schedule a mission around the user’s behavior and preferences, rather than randomly setting them. This will help your brand become memorable.

2. Eliminate manual tasks

A very good part of automation is that you can set it up once and it will work without your intervention.

3. Reduce costs

Not surprisingly, automation reduces costs and increases efficiency. Workers will focus on higher level tasks, which in itself will decrease the flow of people, this means employees will have better working conditions and stay with the company longer.

So far we’ve talked about achieving goals through marketing automation, but what exactly can be achieved?

  • Improve conversion rates

The data collected through automation can be used to attract the target market and improve the conversion rate, by targeting the right user.

  • Improve customer retention

There is no doubt that customer retention is just as important as acquisition. With tracking and reporting technology, automation tools can provide a business with instant updates on popular trends, allowing a business to react quickly to changes and stay relevant for a long time, for its users.

  • Increase revenue

It’s not news that marketing automation increases revenue and sales. Thus, leaving manual tasks to automation and focusing on higher-level tasks brings efficiency and results in good revenue.


Marketing automation is a very important tool used to make work easier and allows employees to focus on their business goals; while getting results.

By Nicole

Social Media Expert



Nicole is an expert in social media marketing. Having worked for several well-known brands in different sectors in Switzerland and internationally, she is responsible for strategy and execution, enabling our clients to reach a new wave of digital consumers through a variety of touch-points.


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