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How to pick the right Digital Agency for your Enterprise Success?

By Benjamin
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It’s not easy to find the Right Digital Agency

If you’re new to picking a digital agency for your marketing strategy planning, you might think it cannot be too hard to choose a digital agency right? Well, it’s not really true. There are many things you should take into consideration before settling with an agency.

In this article we shall review several aspects of choosing process. Keep in mind, that just like individuals, agencies that consist of them also have their views, values and work ethics. It’s simply quite impossible to go along with just anyone.

Check the Digital Agency Portfolio

All of us have our own “hand-writing”. An agency is mostly focused on specific talents for specific purposes. Some agencies are more corporate-oriented and work for established enterprises, whereas others have greater experience and qualifications for working with startup companies.

This is why you should check the portfolios before settling on a certain agency, simply because your business partner told you to do so. As a matter of fact, certain fields of business also need specific approach and you want to recognize talents are capable of creating what you have set your eyes on.

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Take a closer look at the Agency Team

Now, professionalism is a must, but maybe we can sometimes turn from the classic understanding of professionalism and actually recognize the enthusiasts and real-life prodigies at work. There are often teams with big names in them, but sometimes quite unfortunately they tend to be old-fashioned and might fail to take a modern approach.

Sometimes a business wants to create something scandalous and phenomenal or maybe even neo-modern. In this case it’s really important to actually research the agency team and their individual portfolios as well, to know what’s their style and how it can serve your marketing viewpoints.

Similar Core Values

It’s an ultimate must to have similar values with the agency you decide to settle on after a long search. For a very simple example, let’s say after a couple interviews you’ve decided to observe the team’s work environment. Also, their previous projects.

The team might be great with qualification status, but let’s say you have a company that wants to support women’s rights activism, or ecology in general. Yet, you see the team obviously discarding the works of their female co-workers, or you simply see their ruthless attitude towards environmental issues. Even if they get really creative, there’s a big doubt for their campaigns to be actually genuine.

Also, keeping in mind the past works, if their recent portfolio consists of brands which still conduct animal cruelty for product testing-it’s not the best choice to expect this agency to actually understand your enthusiasm for the campaigns you want to launch.

No Superficial Promises!

Generally in marketing we tend to get over excited and promise too much on the background of these positive feelings. Even in daily life-let alone the business. Yet, there is still a fine line between excitement and empty promises.

Now, of course many agencies do a great job at their specialty, but nobody’s perfect and it’s perfectly fine. Now, imagine visiting an agency for an interview or simply holding an online one. Before even presenting the brief you see the agency promising unreal results!

Seems too good to be true right? Exactly. Maybe best news is mostly what we want to hear, but it’s often better to hear what’s actually possible. So, if an agency promises to increase your SEO rankings by 350% in just one month, it’s a red flag actually.


In summary, all we can say is, that choosing the right agency is quite a process, but if you really trust your values and check the portfolios well, there is a huge chance you’ll find the right one after all. Just make sure to remain true to your ideas and your core-values and don’t be tricked by unrealistic promises.

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