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Black Hat and White Hat SEO Uses for Digital Marketing

By Mariam
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Hats In SEO and their ABCs

Possibly, the fun part about the “Hats” in SEO is actually how we can sort them as heroes and villains. These so called hats somewhat tell us which SEO strategy is on the dark side and which is more of a hero.

In general SEO Hats conceptualize how your optimization is going according to rules or making a smaller or bigger curves. Well, saying that they are actually heroes and villains is maybe a fun metaphoric description, but let’s keep in mind, that all strategies need individual approaches.

Now, sometimes even through Black Hat SEO is frowned upon, it might actually give us the results we need in the current time. So, let’s review what these hats actually mean.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO basically means to optimize your search engine according to platform guidelines and completely by the rules. You don’t cheat and have longer-term goals with your SEO campaign.

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Black Hat SEO

Now, black hat SEO involves riskier practices and somewhere not along the lines of rules and guidelines. It can actually do the work assigned to it, but temporarily. In contrast with white hat, black hat cannot be counted on unless the SEO strategy is quite short-term.

What are the Rules?

To understand the concept of rules, which are actually regarded to as guidelines-we can refer to Google’s “Quality Guidelines”. Keep in mind, that algorithm changes over time and so do the guidelines in correspondence to it. Basically picking a hat means to work with the guidelines or against them.

The basic outline of an honest White Hat is to not try to cheat the system. Using keywords is cool, but imagine just throwing in the keywords on your landing page for no specific or adequate reason.

Well, it might work for a little while, but just how many hundreds and thousands of fooled viewers will you handle? It’s quite dishonest and uncomfortable for you as a company in the first place to recklessly waste the keyword treasures.

But Black Hat looks so Tempting

And still, the dark side is just too seductive to resist sometimes. Now, let’s review the point of the black hat SEO in the first place. It’s very short-term and there is no perspective to it. Yet, SEO rankings are supposed to be consistent.

You will be almost cutting off the branch you’re sitting on by trying to trick the system, because such violations do not really go unnoticed. Once the algorithm changes your rankings will only become harder to push back up. So, why would you do this to your enterprise?

Mysterious Grey Hat

Well, just like in a comic book, when you have Villains wearing black hats and Heroes wearing the white one-you also have that one neutral guy. The point of grey hat is actually mixed media.

Grey Hat SEO in somewhere close to quality guidelines, but not quite there. Yet this SEO is not as fatal as the black hat one. Results are also mediocre with Grey Hat SEO strategies.

Using Grey Hat SEO tactics is something you might not deliberately inform Google about, but even if found out about-it’s not something to get penalized for immediately. Something like a blurred line between good and bad.

Choose Your Hat

After all the discussions in previous paragraphs about how SEO Hats work, now it’s completely up to you-which one you’re willing to choose. Will you opt for radical options or navigate somewhere along the neutral zone?

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