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Use SSL to improve Security of your Digital Channels

By Jonathan
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SSL Basics You Should Know

Did you know, that all in all most of digital product users are concerned with the security of their online transactions? We all know the risks of inserting even the smallest confidential classified information into a website. This is exactly where the SSL comes in.

SSL deciphers as Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a protocol for web browsers and servers that allows the forms of authentication, encryption and decryption of the data roaming in and out of the server we are using.

Keep Connections Secure

Now, to step aside from the transactional part of internet which generally reminds us of internet banking in most of the cases, let’s discuss connections as well. Current browser contains loads and loads of information which overlap at a certain point.

To put it more simply-let’s take the example of messaging apps. It can be Viber or WhatsApp for example right? Quite often at the header section of an application we see it’s end to end encrypted.

The point of this security method is to make sure that the information shared between two individuals is not just flowing around the whole server heightening the risk of it being hacked and viewed by anybody else outside the authorized users.

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So, basically we all need to keep our connections just as secure because quite simply this is just as much of confidential information as your CC card credentials.

How SSL is a MUST for your Digital Channels

Now, no matter what type of information we are speaking about, please keep in mind, that whatever does not seem confidential to you, can be very important for your target audience.

Do not forget that in current society one of the most active problems is stalking. A lot of individuals, especially females are facing this problem and especially on social media platforms.

If your website is focused on syncing information from social media, such as registering via Facebook accounts-you cannot let any synchronized information fall into the wrong hands. After all, for your own good, a customer whose information has been leaked will be completely eligible to take the matters to court for cyber-security guidelines.

And surely, we don’t want that, so it’s always better to invest in your SSL and have more guarantees that such problems are least likely to occur.

Encryption Parties

The two main parties in encryption process are: The User and Website itself. Now, as we have already discussed the mobile application above, that can be counted as sub-party. But, yet the primary encryption recipient is the website in the first place. SSL is the one neutral party of software ensuring the security of data flow.

Validate your Domain-SSL Certificate

There are several options for getting SSL certified. What it means to be SSL certified, is that your webpage when googled for example will ensure the user that it’s free to roam. How does Google warn users on SSL uncertified users?

At least once you might have a warning page from google before browsing a specific site that it can be dangerous to insert any of your information. This is when Chrome browser asks you whether you’d like to continue to visit a website or go back to the previous page.

Here are a few options to get SSL certificate:

  • Verify your domain information through ICANN lookup.
  • Generate CSR (certificate signing request)
  • Validate your domain by submitting the CSR
  • Install the certificate on your domain/website

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