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Software Testing Automation Benefits For Your Business

By Jonathan Massa
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Automated Testing ABCs

Software testing in general manual, or automated is equally important for productive digital workflow. But, in this case we shall be discussing the benefits of automated software testing. In the most basic sense, automated testing is an application of tools that check for validity of software products which are generally human-driven. For the most basic example, the fundaments of user experience and the usefulness of picked tools for the given experience is checked with software testing methods.


Time is one thing and one currency that can’t be traded for anything else. Especially when it comes to creating a software that effectively calls its users to action. Sometimes updates need to be added quite quickly and testing your software manually just won’t do. Here is where automated testing comes into the game.

Sure you can also make it selective and choose specific tools that you want to be automatically tested and do the rest manually. Save yourself some time for more complicated aspects of your software and let AI do the basics.

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Accessibility Tools

In one of our previous articles we have discussed the concept of accessible content. Website that can be accessed by individuals with certain disabilities, like partial sight for example.

Artificial Intelligence has integrated standards which are tested for efficiency and automating these tools would be a great choice. It’s difficult to manually test what you cannot relate to as an individual for example, so trusting this job to technology is a way to go in this case.

Take a good example of modern audio books. Well, someone specifically might prefer British accent to American, but keep in mind-if text is being verbally interpreted by artificial intelligence-it makes sure to make web-content understandable for any listener. That’s the sort of inclusivity we want as modern-day digital engineers.

Analyze Your Profits

Another thing automated testing helps you with is to regularly check the daily outcomes of your digital strategy and compare it to your planned or expected results.

This can be done via writing test scripts for example. Test automation is effective repetitive tasks and other testing procedures which are time-consuming to conduct manually.

By the end of the month with all the fuss we have in marketing and creative fields of our business, timely reports on engagement or productivity statistics is a must.

Mobile Application Testing

Having a mobile-friendly website or an application is quite a must nowadays. Now, imagine you have to evaluate simultaneously your web and mobile applications. Isn’t it twice the job and twice as time-consuming?

There are certain easy tasks and tools in mobile applications that are perfectly fitted for automated testing. Also, keep in mind, that mobile app UI/UX is far more compact and provides comfort of buttons navigation. Such preset functionality is very useful to be automatically tested.

You Can Also Require Automation For These Features

  • Image comparison pixel by pixel.
  • Spread Sheet Comparison including multiple resources and linking information.
  • Application Testing While In Use of more than 100K Users.
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Application Testing on diverse browser platforms.

Automation Strategies

Just like in social media marketing for example, we can have multiple strategies for automated testing to decide which one is more eligible to work in a specific scenario. To break it down into basic categories, here are the types of automated testing strategies that can suit your business goals:

  • Positive Tests
  • E2E (End to End Tests)
  • UI Tests
  • Load Tests

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By Jonathan

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