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How To Use Multi-Modal Search For Higher SEO Performance?

By Mariam
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Multimodal Search Basics

Basically, multimodal search combines the aspects of keyword, concept and example searches. It can also involve the multilingual search engine development and of course-multimedia search elements like photo, video and audio. Now, to make the concept clearer, let’s discuss several possibilities of using multimodal search strategy to benefit our SEO.

Multi-Functional Content

Before you start with multimodal search, you must first have some diverse content. Now, that we’ve mentioned so many content mediums it’s important to know how they can be navigated through general search engines to pop up in more various channels.

Multi-Lingual Search

For this case, let’s take the basic example of your blog-textual content. It’s great to have customers engaged and well, if they do not know the language of your choosing, they can always refer to google translate. Yet, best option for increasing your summed up SEO results would be to actually provide the multi-lingual versions on your website already.

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Here’s how it works-you have at least two language options for your original website. When writing blogposts/cornerstone content make sure to provide copies in both languages. Provide a URL for both posts in their specific languages with the keywords relevant to that native audience.

This obviously doubles up the work you put in blogging, but also surely doubles your SEO profits as well.

Concept Search

So far, in one of our articles we have discussed the importance of external links in your content. Here’s how it helps with acquiring concept search strategy. The primary reason you use external links in your content is to help the search engine understand what’s the purpose of your post. What ideas or concepts it is about. So, make sure to use relevant external links to navigate your potential customers towards your content via the general outline of its concept.

Example Search

If you write content on regular basis, you should know that you must have at least one comparative or exemplifying sentence in your blogpost or social media textual content. Such assets in content writing help interested viewers find certain keywords in the body text of your content without concentrating on headlines alone, so make sure to present some comparisons and examples in your copy next time.

Multi-Media Search

Now, media that dominates search engines is generally photos. Even before clicking the video or possibly available audio content-we need a small glimpse of what we’re about to see right? When you create a specific type of content don’t forget to edit your featured image in coherence with SEO friendliness. This is how it works:

When you add a featured image for your content you are very likely to see graphs asking you to explain the image and add the so called Alt text. Explaining the image actually helps you use your necessary keywords in multiple mediums. Some platforms offer simple wording and some require some coding knowledge, but it’s still manageable.

As for the ALT text, here is why it’s cool. The ALT text function literally helps you command your engine on when and where to make the image pop up. Let’s say you have an image on content about your Croissant recipe. You upload an image (preferably royalty free) and command in ALT text to pop up in Google SERP when searched “French Croissant Recipe” or “Real Croissant Recipe”

The previously conducted customer research and keyword research will help you understand how to control these search strategies better, so don’t hold back on using the search engine functions to their fullest.

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