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How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Digital Communications?

By Natia
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AI In Modern Marketing

When we speak of Artificial Intelligence and communications strategies, the first thing that might pop-up in your head can be a chat-bot. quite logically, because we as customers have the closest and visible touch to AI through this specific communication. Yet, it’s not quite that. The funny part is, that communications do not start in chats.

Your communication with AI starts from the moment your data and behavior as a customer is starting to get analyzed. Pretty much AI automates your research strategies and later develops it into communication strategy which can be even suggesting a product of interest automatically-through algorithmic calculations.

Benefits Of AI Marketing

  • Data Analysis Efficiency
  • Data Grouping
  • Pattern and Trend Recognition
  • Real-Time Monitor Change
  • Swift Reactiveness
  • Cost-Effective
  • Saves Time For Creative Projects
  • Increased Customer Trust
  • Customer Journey Intelligent Tracking
  • Data Safety

AI and Marketing Process-Upgraded

AI-such as bots for example, can be used strategically in the marketing process if correctly programmed by your IT staff; for example- situation analysis, marketing strategy, marketing decisions regarding the choice of the most productive one and in implementation/control. The situation analysis serves the customers’ desires to be fulfilled yet.

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The Key Performance Indicator provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s marketing strategies-digital or non-digital. Bots can also look for the specific keywords to learn more about the base of your customers and competitors as well. Customer behavior can be researched and re-evaluated with all the possibilities bots are giving us.

Bots Are Taking Over

Using chat bots in customer service has become very casual, they can observe and analyze the types of conversations to obtain more data about the customers’ interests and background check on the market alongside. Bots can also organize interviews with certain customers to perform quality analysis.

This is great for saving both-money and time, as the interviews can be conducted in different locations at the same time and simultaneously get analyzed and later grouped for one specific purpose.

 AI can also make predictions about the influences of marketing activities and can be used to research what will be in demand for the further future. This will surely aid with either creating a new marketing strategy for your upcoming product, or evolving the current one that doesn’t seem to be working all too well.  

Don’t Get Over-Dependent On AI

Well, as far as we’ve discussed-AI bots can precisely do most of the analytical tasks and take less time, but don’t become too dependent on the services of the bots. AI is the key to quick communications and effective-sure. But, keep in mind, that AI still cannot provide you with the same creative juices as your human team can. It’s funny how we can sometimes get lost in technology.

The point is, communications which are on more subconscious level with your customers and tend to hit on a more emotional soft-spot simply cannot be well generated by the AI. Keep track of your communications to stay human, because if you over-robotize every part of your digital communications you will sense the customers slowly losing interest in even complaining when they don’t like something. Stay in touch with the emotional aspect.

Invest More and Get More Profits

One of the greatest examples of the companies that invested in their IT department is Amazon. Kind of not surprising. Amazon pretty much never fails to keep up with the digital trends. In the latest couple of years’ Amazon has invested over 5% of sales revenue in the AI service development. This investment helped greatly with automated services and increased sales by more than 30% and collected 90% more positive reviews on customer support.

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By Natia

Neuromarketing Expert



Natia is an expert in content strategy, consumer psychology and neuromarketing. She develops and deploys solid online content and advertising strategies enabling our customers to reach their target audiences and generate value in the digital space in Switzerland and abroad.


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