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Modern Software Testing Methods For High Quality Digital Services

By Jonathan Massa
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ABC Of Software Testing

Simply said, software itself is a set of program instructions that tell a digital product how to behave/what to do and in which case. Now, testing involves examination of functionality.

We want to make sure that our software development is not a waste of time and it is productive and useful for us as brand owners and for the target audiences. The process is mainly focused on reevaluation of functionality. Testing types can be manual and automated as well.

How Software Testing Helps Us Sell

Now, there is no question, at the end of the day we are all looking at current and potential profits to gain as a brand. If your software engineering process never involved the testing, it’s very likely you’ll have to face multiple technical issues irritating for you and your customer base at the same time.

Software engineering stands on the fundaments of customer-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, security and product quality presentation. Without these basics to assist with, your software surely needs a lot of work.

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It’s Cost-Effective

Basically, what we are discussing right now, is more connected to E-Commerce. Now, how is it cost-effective you might ask. Because generally digital services don’t seem to be the ones with the least budget for it. Here is how it works: The system you’re acquiring including its design aspects are extremely complex.

Once it’s launched it is far more difficult to change the fixed software settings, so constantly checking and fixing bugs in the process of creation will save you a lot of budget. Better not hold back on budget for testing, or you might have to pay twice as much for fixing the defective software later on.

Security Is A MUST

In modern life, where we use ten times as much digital services, security is playing a huge part in our software functionality. There is a constant danger of unauthorized individuals accessing the accounts of our users on the platform. So, we clearly need to multi-check our software on potential ways of how it can be more protective of its data.

In most cases users entrust very confidential information. It can be social security or credit card numbers. Imagine that information leaking out! Remember the data heist with Alibaba online shopping website? You might have forgotten about that event back in 2010’s, but honestly, when was the last time you ordered from Alibaba? The point is, if something like this happens even once-you ultimately lose your users’ trust.

Manual And Automated Testing

Just as the term says, manual testing involves the software examination done by hand to learn about further bugs and issues that have to be solved. It generally means verifying major features highlighted in requirements, yet also involves the testers trying the software From the potential user’s point of view.

There are numerous manual test plans and strategies. All of them are not one-fits all clearly, so the professional testers will make sure to pick the one that’s right for your software.

Automated testing is based on the software using an automation tool to detect the bugs and issues. In this case, pros use the test scripts and generate the test results automatically by using automation gadgets. Clearly this one works faster, but you can also opt for using both types of testing. If you’re still not the type that blindly trusts the machines feel free to conduct manual testing afterwards.

Software Testing-Current Trends

  • Acceptance Testing
  • DevOps
  • Regression Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • User Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Performance Testing

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By Jonathan

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Jonathan Massa

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