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The Rules In Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Know

By Benjamin
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The Rules That Were Made To NOT Be Broken

We have all heard a famous phrase that rules were made to be broken, but in this case, let’s take into consideration our own longevity as a brand and try not to break specific rules.

Improvisation in marketing field is a great benefit, but there are certain basics we still have to follow up with for our rebellious communications to work effectively. We shall be reviewing several basic rules of digital marketing in this article and how they create a fundament to our business Growth.

Rule 1-Focus On The Target Audience

Prior to focusing, you must surely figure out who’s the target audience in the first place. That’s why you need research in the beginning. Depending on the core ideals of your enterprise you can more or less understand the who is the best possible target customer for you.

Age, demographics, genders and basic interests play a huge part here. There are surely several brands which have universal target audiences like Coca-Cola for example. The point of focusing on target audience is to make sure you don’t waste your marketing recourses on the people who are simply not interested in your products or services.

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Rule 2-Demonstrate Your Work Ethic

Gate-keeping your brand’s working process will surely do you no good as business owner. Target audience loves to have a sneak peek of how you organize your working processes. Especially if your brand focuses on eco-friendliness or handmade goods-it’s a great marketing strategy to demonstrate your craft and actually show off.

Such strategies work best in the form of video content-which generally has educational properties and engages your audience to a whole new level. To put it simply, make sure you stay tuned to customer’s curiosity and give them interesting, research oriented content.

Rule 3-Be Active On Social Media

The best possible platform for real-time communication that you can have is social media. Keep in mind, that social media user interfaces are comfortable enough on a mobile level for the user to access it anytime and anywhere.

We have become lazy to go to multiple websites to find separate content. Social Media helps you more or less group your content on one platform to later spark interest in a customer to transfer to your website.

Social Media marketing is an irreplaceable element of your digital marketing strategies to enable higher engagement and conversions. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

Rule 4-Showcase Your Role Clearly

The product is wanted basically for its purpose and what role it promises to play in certain aspects of our lives. Make sure to have a clear message about what your mission is as a brand.

Having marketing campaigns targeting unclear purposes and ideas will only confuse a potential customer and possibly make them uninterested in your activities. Make a clear promise and what’s more important-keep it!

Rule 5-Be Creative

Now, creativity and rebelliousness is not quite the same. There are loads of mediums out there in marketing world to use for creative advertising of your products and services. Creative can often mean fun as well. The great example is Tropicana’s advertisement for their orange juice.

They literally went to the arctic and brought the artificial sun to the people who are going through a long period of sun absence. The idea of the brand is to make your mornings fun, isn’t it creative to bring sun to a sunless place alongside with the orange juice?

Rule 6-Tell A Good Story

Storytelling and copywriting are the vital parts of advertising in all forms and mediums. A good message has to be short enough, but catchy as well. In one of our articles we have detailed information about how marketing copy can be more readable and selling. Creativity plays a huge part as well. A great story will be memorable and so will be your commercial alongside with the brand-name.

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