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How to Turn Your Financial Application into a Super-App?

By Benjamin Massa
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Financial Apps And Retail Banking

If you can’t remember the last time you visited the bank, then your financial application is doing its job just right. Clearly in the digital era we have no time left to waste in the waiting line, so financial apps enable us to conduct basic financial transactions anywhere and anytime.

Sure, ATM withdrawal card/non-card involved is still the form of retail banking, but in this article we shall be emphasizing the mobile friendly bank to customer communications.

What is the Super App?

A super app, is widely used for multiple services combined on one mobile platform. Now, basic financial apps allow us simple services, but the super app can include services like: ordering a taxi, investing on the same platform, delivery and buying tickets to your desired events. Currently financial apps are on a highway to becoming super-apps, because clearly managing your finances is a part of your daily routine.

Digital Security

When a certain field of digital industries is expanding, fraud is a regular follow-up. In this case regular users seem to be most worried about the security of their digital accounts. Luckily we now have biometric security for our financial apps. This can be the model of face, fingerprint or voice authorization.

At this point-this is the best digital service can offer and set off an alarm if unauthorized individual is trying to access your confidential information. In the future it can develop into feature and mimic level recognition, all we have to do is to expect these security measurements to be widely launched.

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Control Your Funds/Multifunctional Banking

If you really want your customers to experience the super-app features, you must offer the control over savings in certain funds, like IRA for example. Multifunctional banking saves you a lot of time not having to download separate mobile-banking apps and managing all accounts on one sole platform. The user also has to be able to regularly check their credit history.

Digital Finances

The development of block-chain and crypto currencies have once again showcased the importance of owning a financial application in the modern world. Money is slowly changing its basic from. Back in the times even debit and CC cards were frowned upon, but nowadays we would not imagine living without them.

Modern NFT games have widely popularized the crypto currencies, and well, made changes on the market simultaneously. Now for crypto currency management you can download a Binance app, but as a super app-customer ought to be able to trade crypto currencies on your platform as well.

Other Aspects Of Super-App

Not just the financial app has perspective to become a super-app certainly. The most wanted services by wider target audiences are very well likely to take up that rank. Think of what modern customers are mainly looking for. Generally, it’s delivery and Uber services that have greatest popularity among multiple target audiences. The rest is up to your creativity and marketing teams to figure out what other services you can integrate to the traditional ones.

Account Management Made Easy

The big perk of owning a mobile banking application is the ability to control your credits and loans. Let’s be honest, often times we are disappointed with an operator expecting a different amount of money to be paid to close down the credit, but it turns out to be more eventually. To avoid this discomfort-financial apps enable us to constantly check the payment plan and review calculations if paid in advance.

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By Benjamin

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