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Growth Hacking, or Hacking for Growth?

By Marie
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Hacking Doesn’t Have To Be Illegal

Now, the term “Hacking” is very well frowned upon, or viewed as a heroic act by rebellious groups of specific purposes. Well, as a matter of fact hacking at its core means to untangle the issue or a mystery. For our growth and well-being as individuals or companies, we often have to hack the so called success formulas. Take a better look at those who are thriving and catch up to them or maintain the high ranks we are currently holding on to.

Growth Hacking ABCs

Growth hacking is also known as the Growth Marketing. In one of our articles we are reviewing the benefits of this Marketing Strategy in further detail, so make sure to take a look. It’s the functional usage of resource-minimal and cost-effective digital marketing options to help increase and also maintain the active customer base, maximize sales and gain visibility. So, growth hacking is pretty much a form of optimization to profit your brand activities in numerous ways.

Examples Of Growth Hacking

Air BNB, Uber, You Tube, Instagram-who doesn’t know about these giants in their own fields. What unites all these brands in different fields is the effective growth hacking strategies that brought them to current positions on the market. All of them used specific, customer-oriented communication or retail strategies that gained them the high ranks still in maintenance. Let’s have a quick review of each of them.

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Air BNB “Hacks” For Growth

Air BNB has just the ordinary start-up story of persistent, but temporarily broke founders with priceless ideas. The need of rooms when hotels were filled up, fueled the idea of creating this service. Simultaneously offering a service that makes a room-seeker find a place that feels like home. Great combo right? Of course it was not the great success from very beginning, but after thorough analysis the growth element for AIR BNB turned out to be simply improving imagery content to develop better visual communications.

Uber “Hacks” For Growth

Uber is great at taking specific approaches to the customers in different areas of their services. Being inclusive and doing a well-organized customer-behavior/lifestyle research has become an ace up the company’s sleeve. Guess, listening to customers closely has become the basic fundament for Uber’s success.

Instagram “Hacks” For Growth

Instagram is a great example of being customer oriented but in rather different way than Uber. Social interactions are a base of human behavior and Instagram just knew it all too well. Also, consider the right timing which is so vital for the business to work out! With Facebook slowly losing its Activity-Instagram just jumped in with a different User Interface enabling a way for visual story-telling. Right timing of the product exécution alongside with customer-fitted UI design has become Instagram’s hack for the growth.

YouTube “Hacks” For Growth

Youtube’s genius lies in its simplicity entirely. Considering by the time youtube was creating, publishing a video online was not such an easy task as it is today. Video content is actually so common to us thanks to this giant of visual communications and storytelling. Well, we have simplicity and right timing again, quite like Instagram. But, what is more specific here, is monetization opportunity.

The monetization of your Youtube content motivates you as a creator to produce engaging content, which automatically benefits the platform as well. Implementing ads with click-through purpose and here you have the profits for a seemingly free platform. Swift chain of profitable and engaging interactions strategy has become the key to Youtube’s vitality.

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By Marie

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