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How Multiple Social Media Accounts Can Maximize Your Business Sales?

By Nicole
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Put Yourself Out There

Having multiple social media accounts can be managed in two ways-having an account on different platforms, or having multiple accounts on one platform. Or, both combined. To further understand why having more than one social media account is a good practice, let’s review certain examples in following paragraphs.

Space For Everything

Automated messaging and customer behavior research has led us to better understanding what type of information can be ready-made for the audience to have quick access. Informational strategies have become more competitive by the years and there is not time to be left out on any new features you could possibly acquire. You have comment sections, reactions, direct messages, reviews etc. Basically said-there is space for everything in the digital world and using it up strategically is a must.

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Sales and Service

How well your customer service functions will drastically affect your future sales. A customer left with a good service experience is almost 90% more likely to come back to you, not only because of product, but also how it was handed to them.

This is where multiple social media accounts strategy comes into play. When managing social media communications, you will very likely gets lots and lots of types of messages. Some of them can be B2C related and some of them can be B2B related. Some will be complaints, or questions and so the list goes on.

Every possible aspect of your business has a corresponding segment of team that specializes in that specific problem-solving. If you don’t slack off on having a separate Customer-Service account in the beginning, later in time it will serve you well in time-management.

Sort It Out

Now, that we have mentioned owning several accounts on one specific platform for different means, let’s discuss how this can increase your brand’s visibility. First off, generating leads is far easier when there are 2-3 social media accounts posting and re-posting similar/same content for different purposes.

It is like being your very own search engine. Say, you have a brand that produces swimwear. It’s fashionable and quite stylish. Now, you get too many DMs about different topics, but just enough to sort them out. Let’s also say, most common DMs are about: buying the product, consulting on a product and brand concepts.

The smartest thing would be to create +2 accounts on the same platform regarding customer service and concepts specifically. It will be handier when you know what you must answer when you know what the question is even before opening your DMs.

Automation Made Easy

Auto-response management is not an easy job in general, but with a good multi-account strategy It can be more simplified and productive from the customer’s viewpoint as well. Now, imagine you’re a customer who is very loyal to a certain brand.

You received a package, but it turned out to be defective. First thing you want to do is text the seller right? Wouldn’t it be annoying to not receive a timely response only because there are other direct messages with multiple concerns? This is when you might scroll through, to find out if the brand has a separate platform to address your issue in a timely manner.

Follower Rotation

Multiple Social Media Accounts really help your engagement rates and here is how: a customer that is interested in your product and is just as close to purchasing it, will be glad to find out about your separate account where they can ask specific questions. This creates a feeling that, on that account specialists are working on a subject, which you are more likely to trust as a customer. One customer follows two accounts now. If they happen to find another account emphasizing your concepts and style updates-they will follow the account for visual and aesthetical content.


Giving your customers options to choose from is a great benefit for your smooth communications. After all, someone might just want to see your graphic posts just to please the eye and there is a great chance of them to become a customer later on. In fact, you somewhat simplify the mission to generate more leads. Interesting and visually pleasing content will earn you the rest.

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By Nicole

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