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Use The “Bandwagon Principle” For Your Branding Strategy

By Caroline
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Customer Behavior For Bandwagon Principle

To put it quite simply, a Bandwagon Principle in marketing strategies is based on the habit of following ongoing trends. It’s an aspect of customer psychology that makes the principle effective. An individual often purchases a product or service simply because it’s trendy. So, for starters, to adapt the given strategy, you have to stay updated about trends in the field of your community regularly.

Quick Thinking In Bandwagon Principle

The key to this strategy is actually not yours, but the customer’s quick thinking. For some it might sound manipulative, but trends happen because in certain fields there is something every member of that community desires and admires. Bandwagon principle is used quite often in many brands-sometimes without realizing it.

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Make Sure To Not Miss Out

Generally, communities who are dedicated to their purposes through brands they are engaging with, do have the will for not missing out on the news. The same should apply to you as a brand. You pretty much have to be on the same emotional wavelength with your customers. The so called fear of missing out is best showcased in IOS users.

Apple presents new product every year in September and users are making sure to stay updated on those news. It might even be a potential customer who’s waiting for the right moment to buy the best possible product on the market. Or, it could be simply someone who’s looking forward to new system updates which will suit their current needs.

Appear Everywhere

Relatively to how far your product can join the fields of market, make sure to appear everywhere you can. This involves effective Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies. In a Bandwagon Principle, those who provide updates in a timely manner on relative platforms have the upper hand.

Let’s say, if you are a Clothing brand and only use Social Media platforms, instead of researching all possible websites or blogs, where you can post your content-you’re one step behind in the given strategy. Make your brand highly visible by using all platform resources and providing content about how your brand stays in tune with current trends.

Showcase Popularity

Whether you’re already on a desirable level of popularity or not, in this strategy you must show off as popular enough for the very least. Trends are the key of Bandwagon Principle, which is associated with your fame in a direct manner. To generate the image of your popularity you might have to use some tricks. One of them can be a Social Media Marketing strategy, which involves celebrity and influencer collaborations. Start planning the budget for this one, because well, clearly it’s less likely anyone will do it for free.

Send PR Boxes to your community’s influencers which they can later review in their Vlogs or gift certain products with the offer of presenting those in stories for example. The more your product or service appears in influencer and celebrity content, the more you can generate the feel of popularity to your brand.

How Trends Influence Decision Making

As mentioned in the first paragraph, trends do affect customer behavior in a drastic manner. Remember all the purchases you never needed but still got because, well, everyone was buying them? That’s the example of group thinking simultaneously affecting your decision making process with the trendy concepts.

The era of Y2K was quite a great example of the bandwagon principle. Especially in beauty industry. Glitters, tan and low-waste jeans were having a sales boom and everyone just had to own one. Funny enough, most of us are even embarrassed of the pictures from Y2K now, but trends just made us do it. We have all experiences Bandwagon Strategy on ourselves in a certain way.

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By Caroline

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