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Benefits Of Negative Feedback In Your Communications

By Jonathan
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Negative Feedback Is Not Scary

Once you’ve put so much hard work into your product’s creation, what you are expecting is at least the majority of customer reviews to be positive. Well, it’s understandable, but this high bar of expectations also creates the fear of getting notices on the negative aspects of your product. This can be connected to the general psychology of being afraid of making mistakes.

Sometimes this fear can interfere with our critical thinking. Yet, let’s be honest, if you were so afraid of making mistakes, you might not even start a business in the first place, but here we are!

Negative Feedback And Critical Thinking

Keep in mind, that product is being created for the customer. Well, of course we want to sell it for financial profits, but the core purpose is to serve the individual that wants or needs the product. If a customer is offering you a solution to additional issue, or pointing it out-you should listen! Feedbacks, especially negative ones are the treasure boxes for customer research.

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Give The Chance To Explain

In some cases, a brand only offers you a five-star system to rate their products. This is somewhat smart if you only want to showcase that there are more positive reviews than negative statistically, but words always say more than numbers in this scenario.

A customer could be giving you one star, not because your product or service was not good, but because they might have misused it for example. When it comes to certain goods like clothing, they might be upset with the delivery service you’re co-working with actually. The textual reviews will make it clearer for other customers-what was the problem.

Stay Transparent

Depending on the field your business is operating in-there are several forms of communications with brands like mailing their customer service. Yet, these types of communications are individual and never public. Probably, Amazon has a great review system. When you want to purchase a product from certain sellers you see the star rates and comment reviews altogether.

It’s very transparent and so are your responses to their inconveniences. Even if there seems to be many negative reviews-this creates a form of trust with a potential customer. They just see that you are online responding to issues and trying to fix them. The same goes for App Store and Google Play Store. Every application updates their bug fixes based on the reviews of their customers.

You Might Have To Go Back In Time

Now that we have mentioned Play Store and App Store-you might have seen comments on certain apps, that the previous version worked better. Again, the product is oriented on the customer, so if you see majority complaining that the previous version worked better-this is what you can do. You can always wrap up the product.

Offer old as new by changing its visual settings or adding a couple nuances here and there. If you are to update the application again, try adding another feature to it, but reset its core-functions to the previous version, plus changing the visual to more UI friendly one.

Accept And Improve

Preaching about how brilliant your product and service is and almost blaming a customer for not appreciating is, has to be one of the worst things you can do to your brand-image.

Make sure to always take into consideration that the customer is upset, put your pride aside and consult with the customer service team on regular basis. One wrong response could cost you a whole reputation. All of this is about brand strategy.

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