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The Importance of Suggestions Panel on Your Brand’s Website

By Jonathan Massa
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Suggestions Simplify Choices

If you’re a big enterprise with a website including multiple landing pages-suggestions panel is necessary for your sales strategies. Our customers tend to be quite indecisive when it comes to making the final checkout on their purchases. We as customers also always want to make the best of our shopping. Even when it comes to service industry, somehow consulting with your customer and suggesting them the best fit for their interests will ensure your sales to be checked out.

How It Works

Let’s say you have an online shop that sells shoes. The shoes can be any kind according to color, size, style and season. It’s great to offer so many options, but having so many choices sometimes confuse us. A customer is looking through a bunch of stuff before they decide on something and using the data collected from this search is exactly what will help you offer the matching product to the taste.

If you see a customer constantly scrolling through Mary-Jane style shoes you can suggest them the variety of the products on their profile. Eventually a customer will like at least one of those and even find the one they couldn’t notice before.

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Example Of Netflix

Choosing a movie or TV series for a relaxing evening can be quite exhausting. It’s actually funny in a certain manner, how searching for something that’s meant to be relaxing can actually give you anxiety for a moment. This is why Netflix asks its users what type of movies they are generally interested in before generating the related landing page for that exact individual.

That’s for starters, but through time the website collects data about which genre you watch most frequently, or maybe the cast that seems to appear in every film you decide on. Later the data refreshes your suggestions and offers you new content. This shows the importance of keeping updates on the search options of each profile.

Suggestions Boost Your Sales

Thinking too much about the choices can create a dilemma in a customer’s mind, thus leading to making no choice at all and deleting the items from their shopping cart, if they have even added any in the first place. It could sound a little bit unfair, but the actual concept of constantly suggesting likeable products, serves the purpose of not making the customer overthink their decisions, so that they will eventually select an item to check out.

Use Suggestions To Appear In Suggestions

Keep in mind, that any search and activity on the internal space of your website shows itself in the broader range of search engines outside of your landing pages. For a simple example let’s consider your website offers a variety of services in housing.

It can be anything from repair to actually finding the housing. The more suggestions and options you generate to scroll through using the relevant keywords-the more likely it will be for you to appear in Google Search Engine as well for potential customers who do not know of your services just yet.

The Right Place For Suggestions

Making and strategically grouping suggestions fit to an individual customer is one thing, but choosing the right space on your landing page to place these suggestions is another. Depending of course on what kind of products or services we are talking about, suggestion placement can be either on the entry web-page or on the profile. Maybe even both. Just try not to be too annoying, and sharply accurate.

We don’t want our audience to feel like they are being stalked. In case of Netflix, options are right in front of you, once you enter the platform. Yet, Amazon offers suggestions on an individual user’s profile. Both strategies work on the target mission to sell a different product to maybe the overlapping target audience. Make sure to create browsing comfort zone for your users, not a chaotic bunch of options.

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By Jonathan

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Jonathan Massa

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