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How Can Digital Marketing Calendar Boost Your Engagement Rates?

By Jonathan Massa
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Timely Content Is Important

Plan in marketing is pretty much everything. You need to have a short-term and a long-term plan. Either it’s social media, web-content or sales more or less we need everything to go according to plan.

Well, if it goes better than planned it’s even better. Uploading content on a certain basis is vital for your engagement. In the beginning we all start off more randomly just to observe customer behavior and see when our content is most seen.

For example, it would be somewhat silly to post main content, especially engaging ones at 9AM according to your time zone, when insights show, that your customers’ highest social activity is around 7-8PM.

Content Calendar

Digital Marketing Calendar, also known as content calendar helps you plan the upcoming posts. It would not be so wise to randomly create content in a rush. Maybe some of you work best right before the deadline, but in content creation process, there is no deadline.

What we mean by no deadline is, that you’re constantly creating something new. NON-STOP. The world, market and customers around you evolve all the time and showcase multiple interests. All these researches, updates and insights need to adapted in your content. So, wouldn’t it be at least more comfortable to have several posts ready-made and planned than working urgently every second.

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Content Calendar Elements

There are several types of web-content you can plan through your calendar and here is the list of them:

  • Planned Promo Events
  • Upcoming Articles/Blogposts
  • Old Content Updates
  • Video Materials/Webinars
  • Status Updates
  • Case Studies

Each and every one of these activities determine the progress in your customer engagement rates. You don’t want to give them outdated content for sure, but not the ones out of context either. The plan of your calendar has to be in correspondence no your customer behavior search and upcoming news they are eager to find out about.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing Calendar

  • It’s Time Saving-As we have spoken of in a previous paragraph, content needs to be constantly updated, so having a couple Aces up or sleeves in case of emergency is a great option. The content could be recycled and re-presented while creative team is working on a new project.
  • Minimize The Errors-planning in advance and clearly classifying responsibility among team members, can ensure all important work-flow operations to go in a smooth manner. This is specifically important in bigger teams, where responsibilities like editing and tracking need to be given to particular team members. Rushing this process could result in very unwanted chaos.
  • Prevent Un-Timely Content-Consistency in posting has proven to be one of the primary ways of increasing engagement and conversion rates. It also helps in building real-time and more genuine communication with your target audience-either it’s your loyal customer base or the potential ones.

Consistency And Creativity

When it comes to planning content it is honestly quite difficult to keep up with the trends sometimes. That’s why you need a creative team to organize the schedule with. Creativity process consists of multiple brainstorming sessions, so tens and sometimes hundreds of ideas can emerge in this time-frame.

Creative process is very chaotic and putting it in a schedule takes far more than one person. Don’t forget that even the ideas emerged during this chaos later have to sorted and filtered.

Successful Calendar Elements

In order to maintain the rhythm of your calendar and consistency there are certain elements you have to emphasize.

  • First would be to categorize the content on your calendar according to the platforms you are supposed to publish them on.
  • Focus on the subjects which your customers find interesting and make it simple.
  • Ensure that your content quality is the one your target audience expects.

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By Jonathan

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