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How To Make Your Marketing Campaign Influential?

By Mariam
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Influence Comes From Research

We all know, that creativity plays a huge role in creating influential marketing campaigns which are recognized and remembered by the target audience.

In best cases, those marketing campaigns are globally famous. What stands behind these marvelous marketing campaigns are numerous insights about your target audience and ideas.

The quality of ideas is exactly what matters the most. Customers/Audiences are starving for revolutionary ideas. To find out how excellent is your idea, we shall review Leo Burnett’s Scale of Idea Creativity. All the way from point one to ten.

1 Point

A destructive idea, that serves no purpose. These ideas generally never get to see the light or slide through any marketing professionals’ eyes. They just don’t work.

2 Points

No idea, practically a concept that had no thinking as a background. The point two marketing campaign might not be destructive, but without concept or clear purpose it’s obviously doomed.

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3 Points

Invisible campaign that calls for no interest from the audience. Lack of creative thinking again and again. It’s also visually uninteresting or too cliché.

4 Points

In this marketing campaign you don’t really showcase what your brand stands for and in the worst case scenario you don’t even know what your brand stands for. A brand without purpose is doomed to be misunderstood at all times.

5 Points

This campaign understands the brand’s purpose. The connection is very human and insights have been researched. It just has more work to be done to go up to point 6.

6 Points

An intelligent idea, that treats the audience in the same manner. Your audience wants something to relate with and a purpose to unite with. The scale 6 ideas are generally engaging and designed with audience in mind. This is not just an advertisement, it’s communication as it is.

7 Points

Before we discuss a point 7 idea, we’d like to emphasize that according to Leo Burnett an idea has to 7 points and up to be considered worthy of admiration.

This idea inspiring, beautifully crafted and what’s most important has great creative thinking behind it. This is a concept of Kind act of humans. It’s an idea that inspired audience and activates them to certain non-selfish action.

8 Points

The scale 8 idea changes people’s feeling and ways of action in general. This idea perfectly showcases what really matters to people and what is important to be taken care of. The 8-point idea is brilliant in creativity measures.

9 Points

A brave, powerful and creative idea that changes people’s lives.

Point 10 Idea Simply Changes The Whole World.

Idea That Changed The World

Once you’ve been introduced to Leo Burnett’s scale of idea, the standards might seem a little too high. Still, let’s say that creating a 10-point idea is not easy, certainly, but not impossible either. The campaign that has managed to call the whole globe to action is known as “The Earth Hour”. Every year, all around the globe onthe last Saturday of March the massive amount of electric energy is being restricted to benefit the environment. This is the example of an idea that can change the world!

Influence For People

Sometimes the word Influence is perceived as evil and controlling, but your marketing campaign must state the opposite. Keep in mind, that you are not creating these campaign to influence and manipulate your audience, your idea must be an influence FOR the audience and showing them they are heard. As huge enterprises have a word in how world functions, you must play your part in making it a better place through your marketing strategies. To achieve this goal don’t just focus on numbers, focus on humans and their well-being.

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