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How To Collaborate With Influencers Productively?

By Nicole
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Influencers In Modern Living

As a modern Brand you just have to have the Social Media Marketing Strategy. Today’s customer spends most of their free time scrolling through popular platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok. At the same time YouTube Gurus of various fields have transformed their online presence and started to adapt to the platforms used by their target audiences. Influencer Collaboration in social media marketing is one of currently most popular and effective strategy. The best thing is, that you target audiences match!

Find The Right Influencer

When it comes to actually finding an influencer that suits your brand image and core ideas, it’s much harder than it seems. Every brand has its niche and even though the fields of product or service match up, it doesn’t mean that your concepts and ideas will. Let’s review an example like this one: Say you’re a Brand that produces very fancy and elite kitchenware. Your frying pans are highest quality and decorated delicately. Now, you want to promote your product on social media via collaboration with an influencer. Finding those who review the quality of kitchenware is not difficult, but finding the influencer who cooks the dishes that are suiting to these products aesthetically will narrow down the list. Afterwards you want to check their content. Their ideas, color choices, filming style or environment might not be on the same line with your brand image. The list grows smaller every time until you find the right one and of course visual side of this process is not enough.

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Views, Likes and Followers

Obviously, the influencer’s social media activity plays a huge part and their target audience statistics as well. This is when it gets really tough to choose. Some influencers have many followers, but have no engagement when you scroll through the posts. People like their content and briefly react to it, but they don’t seem to be very active in comments section. Another influencer might have only a few hundred subscribers, but have very high engagement rates and the target audience is showing quite a lot of interest in their crafts. Depending on whether you want to sell your product or make it more popular, you will make a choice after all. If you want people to be introduced to your product, the one with more followers is the way to go. But, if you are concentrated on sales, engaged audience is more likely to be fuller or Buyer Personas and referrals who will possibly recommend your product to someone else interested in high quality kitchenware.

Collaboration Models

After choosing the influencer to work with, it’s time to choose from collaboration options you want them to agree on. Let’s review 4 basic collaborations, which are: Sponsored Media Content, Sponsored Blog Posts, Guest Blog Posts and Brand Ambassador Programs.

Sponsored Media Content

In this case, an influencer you have chosen fit for your social media campaign will create content referring your brand. Of course you must have clear ideas and guidelines on what type of content you want an influencer to offer the audience. Creativity is great, but you don’t want them to fall out of context, so for the comfort of both parts, have a plan on what you want.

Sponsored Blogposts

This works almost the same as the previous collaboration technique. In this case the promotion has a textual form. Certain target audiences prefer to read on the field of their interests. Keep in mind, blogs take longer to be written, consider the time-frame necessary for your campaign before you opt for the blogpost strategy.

Guest Blogposts

In this case the influencers write for your homepage. It will include more links to your original webpage and that’s what makes it a separate strategy, but of course make sure it doesn’t look too much like an advertisement.

Brand Ambassador Programs

This strategy has been gaining more popularity lately. It works for a long-run and what you do is: give your Brand Ambassador certain promo codes to your products and service benefits as well. They buy your products for lowest price possible and promote every purchase. Posts can be daily, weekly or monthly. Depending on your agreement of course.

What We Offer

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By Nicole

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