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Use Infographics To Boost Your Conversion Rates

By Caroline
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Showcase Visually

Let’s start with the infographics being pretty much one of the very important and basic marketing tools in existence. Creating, sharing and publishing the infographic content is one of the key elements to your conversion rates upgrade. In fact-the field we are discussing takes a whole other staff member to fully dive into the creation process. Infographics can be shared inside content, on social media and in all the other digital marketing out-sources. This means-the given marketing tool is not just functional but flexible as well.

Infographic Marketing

Big part of marketing role in infographics is played by the visual aspect of it. Nowadays it’s extremely difficult to capture the modern customer’s eye. Due to popularized bright and simple images alongside with max. 15 second videos-you cannot force anyone to read or watch your content for more than a few seconds now. The Infographics genially collide these two aspects of B2C communications. They offer a potential and a loyal customer a view that will get attention and a short text that won’t be boring.

Use Infographics Smart

Well, there are basically to ways you can use infographics for in your marketing campaign. It’s either to generate inbound links or to call customer’s action toward sharing your content. Now, of course that is not the only two ways, because all that we have discussed and are about to overview serves the main purpose of boosting Conversion rates.

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Inbound Links

Infographics are rich in color and organized, so they catch the attention. If your content is on target within the infographic, you’ll generate a bunch of inbound links. It’s obvious that the customer persona no longer fancies the boring texts and endless statistics and all the boring dull stuff that was once trendy. Now it’s all about creative expression!

Call to Action

Visual content is more likely to be shared and go viral. And for most of us it is clear-why. It’s more exciting to look at content when its paired with an image or art in any form-that makes the content more appealing. Like we have discussed multiple times by now, visual content is more likely to be shared than a text only. But infographics are a cherry on the cake! They are liked and shared far more than any other type of media content. Of course, if you want your infographic to generate inbound traffic and get shared, it’s got to look great and contain the right amount of information.

Don’t Neglect The Copy

Now, we have spoken a whole lot about the visual side of Infographics, but completely neglecting a copy would not be the best idea either. It’s very common that when we focus on one thing we sometimes completely neglect the other part of it. Now, let’s Say-You have created a gorgeous post with very interesting information formatted beautifully, but decided to not write a caption because well, it’s all in an infographic. That is not the way to go, for sure. Keep in mind that if you take a good look at yourself as customer as well, even if an infographic gave you full information on a subject you would still instinctively check the caption for additional information. What if there is something more right?

Engage The Audience

Educational Platforms on Instagram like Miami Ad School for example have great infographics. Engaging a customer is achievable by adding a question in the caption for example. Even more of fun models can be taken from Astrology Lovers posts. It’s amazing how common interests people relate to can start a conversation. Also, let’s say you have a business in fashion industry that produces cotton and silk. Create an infographic on their special qualities and how you manufacture them and make sure to ask the audience in caption which one do they prefer and why. This is one of the fun ways to upgrade the marketing strategy and gain feedback at the same time.

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By Caroline

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