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Mobile Application-Friendly Marketing Benefits

By Lina
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Mobile Application-Comfort Zone

As time flies and digital daily activities are becoming parts of our lives at a deeper level-customers don’t just want a digital environment, but a comfortable one. Slowly even laptops will be losing their popularity and tabs/smartphones and mobile applications seem to have started ruling over. Now, of course there are still certain activities which need a computer. For example-3D Design for architectural projects takes up huge amount of power and energy. It’s least likely for a tab or a regular smartphone to render the 3D materials.

Easy Access

Some generations call us lazy ones for wanting to make everything easier. Now, the question here is-why make it harder though? On daily basis we are all striving to better ourselves and improve a way of living on a personal and global scale. So, why not make services easier too. For example, easy Log-In procedure saves you some nerves not to speak of time after all. Isn’t it just annoying to waste any of your precious time? Or imagine a first aid application to take much time to function. Do you imagine how many fatal incidents that might result in? There is nothing wrong with making something easy in a quite a rushed and stressful daily challenging environment.

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Customer Behavior Again

Like we’ve discussed in many previous articles-customer behavior research is a huge must. Creating an app alone is not enough. Well maybe for a certain amount of time a fact of App’s existence could pop some conversations and feedbacks, but creation alone is no good unless you update it constantly.

Listen to Feedback

There is a funny thing about all of us thinking we are pros at everything and just sometimes we say stuff we might become embarrassed for later, but if there is an idea and it doesn’t sound quite too logical-turn it around and around until you see the actual point. Some customers are kind enough to politely point out on updates your product needs, some are even more generous and provide you with ideas to better your performance. The point being-listen to all of them and sort out the best. Customers know what they really want and it’s up to us to listen really carefully and provide best solution later on.

Buttons and Texts

Visual design is very important for a mobile application. Well it’s time we agree that UI and UX just really need one-another. A simple position of a button could drastically change the customer’s behavior-which is funny because it might be a very important button for your sales.


Frames decide the future of your mobile app from the first glance. Now, let’s discuss some examples. LinkedIn didn’t seem to have a mobile application for quite a while. This annoyed a lot of people, because maybe previously job searching was a procedure done at home, after current work with a cup of tea on a kitchen table and writing numerous cover letters and all those awkward procedures. Now, real-life communication has become more Valuable-an employee will have a brief look at your Resume but the rest is up to interview. Now that job searching can be done from any place and any time LinkedIn just had to organize a Mobile-Friendly Platform. After all, it’s one of the best digital environments in its field. Would be a shame actually to not have an app.


Where the buttons or wireframes take you is something you should take your time researching. Just sometimes a wireframe or a button connected to it just don’t correspond quite well with one-another and this creates another really annoying experience for a customer. In summary creating mobile friendly digital experience is not enough if it isn’t time and cost-effective for your loyal or potential customers. Or otherwise it could become just a waste of time.

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By Lina

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