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Skincare Industry Marketing Trends You Should Follow

By Caroline
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Skincare Industry In Modern Times

We have all had this pleasure of putting Ice-Cold cucumbers on our eyes and feeling refreshed-as though it performs magic, but now we know it actually stretches our gentle under-eye skin too much and it’s no longer the approved way of getting rid of dark circles. But let’s be honest, it’s still our guilty pleasure. Now, skincare industry has gone through monumental changes, especially from middle of 20th century. Customers became more aware of ingredients and their chemical pros and cons. Now we have to really carefully formulate our products to avoid being in the “Canceled” list for the very least. Modern times have developed this industry to whole new level, so say goodbye to your old ways-it’s time for the new!

The Trends

  • Less is More
  • Celebrity Skin Care
  • Supplements
  • Microbiome
  • Personalized Skin Care
  • Cruelty-free Products
  • Multi-purpose Products
  • Formulation
  • Ingredients
  • Sustainability

Trendy Marketing

Trends are nor just trends-they are certain pathways for you do upgrade your marketing strategies and offer the customers (loyal or potential) what they are looking for. In the next paragraph we shall be reviewing some of these tendencies, which are paid most attention in today’s skincare market. Keep in mind, that these trends are overviewed by influencers on digital platforms such as: Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube and pretty much anywhere a video content can be posted for real-life demonstration for a product’s quality and capabilities.

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Less is More

In early Y2K everything extra was considered the right amount, but now it’s all vise-versa. Do you remember literally slapping on your night crème before going to bed? It felt like everything was sticking to your face but the belief that beauty was meant to have sacrifices forced us into these absurd actions. Now even the companies themselves tell us to not use an exaggerated amount of product to have steady results. One of the most viral examples of over-using a product was peeling solution from the Brand-Ordinary. TikTok was blown up with customers’ faces looking like sunburnt and of course the image of this brand was under a huge risk of being “cancelled”. Later on we started to have more tutorials on correct application of the product, but it would be better to have been done earlier.


Modern Society is becoming more and more aware on what’s going on behind the curtains of skincare labs. Animal-Cruelty has been an ongoing subject to deal with for decades. Fortunately, certain amount of customers simply refused to buy products generated on animal experiments and the industry woke up from its long coma. Now we have a bigger selection of cruelty-free products and hopefully, maybe in a decade or so-all skincare brands will follow the example and switch to cruelty-free products completely. Sacrifices for human beauty must not be made by any other animal species and that’s common sense the industry has to fully understand!

Formulation & Ingredients

Gladly, brands have become more transparent with their product ingredients. Customers have a wider choice to select a product. If you truly research general elements-chemical or natural which are used for product creation, you might have a better idea what will suit your skin better before you buy the product. Now, consulting agents at the points of sales are supposed to know it all, but still-no one knows your skin better than you. You’ve lived with your skin for all these years and gone through allergies or breakouts that had reasons only you understand. So, take your time researching the product before buying it and it will buy you a lot of time later on.

Skincare Industry and Lifestyle

Skincare is a form of lifestyle. Every brand has its voice, authority and identity on the market –which sells their products. Make sure you keep up with your customer’s needs and do your best to become the part of their daily/nightly routines. Skincare is a huge concept that you have to wisely figure your direction out in.

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By Caroline

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