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Carousel Marketing For Higher Customer Engagement

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Keep Up With The Trend

Instagram Influencers are quickly taking over. As Social Media is expanding day by day-new marketing trends are showing up. Basically, Carousel ads are a kind of marketing strategy that combines multiple videos or images into a single ad. Carousel Marketing is most popular on Social Media, where you can showcase a number of images. Great way to improve your chances of a conversion or sale.

Breaking Down The Process

Because these types of ads are appealing and interactive-they manage to engage most customers easily. As for further benefit-carousel strategy promotes 72% higher CTR. (Click Trough Rate).

Carousel Marketing Strategy Examples:

  • Presenting Numerous Products at once
  • Showcase the diverse features of a service
  • Highlighting a number of offers
  • Reviewing Multiple benefits of a product or service
  • Getting Focus on reviews or testimonials

Let’s break down the creation process through the Facebook Platform:

  1. Choose the Idea for your Campaign
  2. Choose the Ads Manager
  3. Choose the Carousel Format
  4. Have a clear Idea on a Primary Image, Headline and a Copy

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Standards Can Be Different

The standards for Carousel Marketing campaign can differ throughout the media platforms. Yet at some point, all platforms are targeted at different audiences, so no wonder. At this point the Instagram platform is a treasure box for this given strategy. In this particular case-it helps businesses turn one simple post into an equivalent of a whole campaign. Well, not literally of course, but this is yet one of the most practical SMM strategies, which provides surprisingly great benefits!

The Benefits of Carousel Marketing

  • Increase Engagement-This visual promotion strategy catches the eye of a buyer persona and a potential customer. The ad calls to action as it is far more appealing than a standard picture.
  • Interaction-Even through simple clicking, the customer is already engaging with your content and improving their knowledge about your product and services.
  • Cost-Effectiveness-Just like other functional Social Media Marketing strategies, this one targets exactly the audience that is potentially interested in your content. It’s a huge relief to the financial side of your marketing budget. To put it simply-you don’t use recourses for uninterested customers.

Carousel Posts on Instagram Platform

To engage customers, Instagram which mostly consists of Images and pretty much revolves around them-gives you even more creative opportunities. Here are some Ideas to incorporate this strategy for your Instagram Communication channels:

  • Before & After Posts: Glow Ups are never going out of trend. It’s oddly satisfying to witness something become better. It leaves a feeling of freshness and evident progress. Also, keep in mind, that it’s not an obligation to start with a before photo. The effect of this strategy goes both ways!
  • Share Your Personal Taste-Our taste and the ability to critique our own product if necessary-says a lot about our character and creates a trusting bond with a customer. You can do the unboxing posts and rank them from “whatever” to “favorites” or vice-versa.
  • Speak Up-Now, here is the thing. There have been certain occasions when a brand might overwork itself to doom, without understanding the harm towards customers and themselves as well. If there is something taking place, which temporarily disturbs the regular working rhythm-don’t be shy and inform the customers via your post. Just make sure that it’s appealing at the very least.
  • Keep the Audience Updated-Every field has something new going on each and every day. Make sure to create informative posts about the latest news in your environment. This will affect your relationship with customers in a very positive way and give great results for a long run.

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