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Why Include Video Marketing To Expand Your Brand

By Caroline
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New Marketing Medium

Video Marketing helps you introduce your brand image in a whole new frame. In this case the frame is not static at all. You are giving a wider perspective of your product via Video Communications. People spend a third of their time online watching videos. Videos even help make buying decisions. A number of big companies have created some of the best video ads and viral videos as a part of their marketing strategies.

Keep Up with the Modern World

It would be foolish to say that video editing quality doesn’t affect a brand’s image in today’s lifestyle. It’s a huge process and if you have ever taken a look at “behind the scenes” of any regular 15 second video that has best potential to go viral-you know it takes far longer than just 15 seconds. The master of the field just knows how to adjust duration of each scene to keep a viewer entertained.

Video Content can be made around various themes and subjects according to your brand’s major ideas and concepts. Trends are something you should take into consideration when working on a content like that. Like we have discussed in many previous articles algorithm is quite tricky, so knowing what’s hot in the moment is a huge ace to have.

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How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

  • Understand your Customers Needs
  • Don’t Forget The Main Concept of Your Brand
  • Make sure you don’t Over-Invest
  • Optimize Your Video Communication Based on Target
  • Double-Check it all!
  • Don’t Neglect the TV Ads

TV Commercials

Now, if we speak on commercials in the frames of video content creation, one can think of multiple varieties of similar content strategies, but let’s speak on the most basic one-TV COMMERCIAL. You might feel like people don’t watch TV commercials anymore, but that’s not quite true.

The question is-how catchy is the rhythm of action in your TV commercial. When creating one-viewing the product as unnecessary or too boring to start with-sets you up for creating a gloomy commercial from the very beginning. So, next time you decide to invest in the TV promotion strategy-make sure to have the right attitude and a pinch of enthusiasm for the very least.

Start With Baby Steps

Like many of your marketing efforts, video marketing is data driven, so you’ll want to monitor various metrics and track customer engagement. Benefits of brand communication and successful SMM strategies will surely showcase themselves, but you have to stay in tune as well. Just make sure you don’t film something totally random without double-checking it. Customers are far more observing, especially when it comes to this particular medium.

The Baby Steps:

  • Allocate resources
  • Tell your stories
  • Engage
  • Keep it short
  • Publish
  • Analyze

The Benefits

Video Content is a treasure box of SEO and gives more personal feel when engaging with the customers. Live stream is not something to forget either. Let’s say for example, your company is launching a new product or supporting one like a book. Imagine creating a book presentation live-stream session on the preferred social media platform of your target audience and inviting the author of the book as a guest.

This type of live communication and accessibility doesn’t only help you obtain customer’s trust, but also affects your sales quite rapidly. Your customers love video. Would-be customers also love video, which means good video marketing can attract new visitors. Four times as many customers would prefer to watch a product video, than read a product description.

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By Caroline

Creative Director



Caroline is a branding and communication specialist. She develops brand strategies and visual identities in line with our clients' ambitions. Innovation and performance are her watchwords, transforming your brand into a powerful vector of engagement and growth, her specialty.


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