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Why You Should Expand Your Brand Culture

By Tamar
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We have spoken on a brand tone and a brand voice in our previous articles and about the importance of the brand authority, but here we are with the Brand Culture now. So, what is a brand culture you might ask- Brand culture is the culture that you cherish and develop in order to powerfully, consistently and competitively present its brand to market. People work as a team to bring the brand to life for customers.

Culture Matters

Just like in real life-culture has a great deal of value in a daily life, and so does the brand culture in it’s daily existence. A strong brand culture helps companies generate higher engagement, stand for customer advocacy, attract the right talent and add key alliances. This creates a virtuous cycle of growth that results in higher shareholder value. The culture expands to actually determine whether a brand is perceived well by both employees and customers. Your culture influences management decisions and all business functions ranging from production, advertising to accounting. The culture of a business affects employees who interact with customers directly.

Not Only Customers

Like mentioned in the previous paragraph, the culture of a business affects employees as well. Sometimes a company pays all attention on customers at the cost of completely forgetting their own employees’ interests. To translate this into daily life-it’s like being a very kind mother to everybody else’s kids and forget to bring your kid a chocolate they asked for at the end of the day. Now that’s a very basic example, but imagine-how could an unhappy employee serve the best example of brand culture to your customer.

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Employee Engagement

An employee-no matter the position-needs to be well informed on general brand strategies, it’s persona and customer interests. Some larger enterprises at a specific level of their development start to have certain unhealthy hierarchy among employees and it’s actually easy to spot-once you notice that there are some individuals who don’t seem to catch up with the views and ideas of the others and it causes them confusion, which later leads to isolation on a personal and professional level. Now, it’s not always the best option to take the “We Are Family” approach, but making it obvious, that all employees are important part of the team and their views, ideas are important-is crucial for a healthy work-space. The funny thing is-sometimes an employee who doesn’t know a thing on graphic design for example, might drop in a great idea out of thin air, yet they might be specializing in a financial segment, but well ideas could be anywhere and you ought to listen to them.

They Want to Stay

Either it’s a customer or an employee, all want to be given reasons to stay. Speaking from the perspective of both sides-constant change in the environment gives you nothing but confusion and frustration. At the core, we are all searching for a safe and stable environment. In the same sense an employee is always looking for a stable job they feel good at and a customer wants to have a favorite product or service they don’t have to think twice on. A good brand culture helps you become a company employees don’t hate going to on Monday (let’s be honest-Mondays are so automatically boring, that making them lovable is a miracle) and customers don’t dread to contact for issues or good news as well.

High Performance Company Culture

With the right attitude and smart work strategy you can create an excellent organizational culture where all is tuned in as one. A high-performance culture has behavior that lead your organization to achieve superior outcomes by setting clear business goals, defining employees’ responsibilities carefully, creating a trusting work-space, and encouraging employees to continuously grow and reinvent themselves.

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By Tamar

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