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Use Prints To Make Your Business Stand Out

By Caroline
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Benefits of a Good Print

Prints are probably one of the oldest visual communication tools in the history of mankind and even in the era of world-wide digitalization this tool stays functional to it’s best. Now, once you think on a print that is connected to brands, you might ultimately think of flyers or business card, but there’s more to prints than the basic forms given above.

Before we speak on the importance of prints, lets emphasize how digital modern living is. Back in the days even E-Commerce was seen as a subject of experiment, society and businesses wouldn’t trust it so easily, yet here we are with flourishing E-Commerce examples necessary to grow the business. Somehow, even though any business, which does not provide a digital platform is more likely to be dysfunctional, something funny happened. People started to have a nostalgic feeling of everything that used to be produced on papers. Maybe this is why modern society is so keen on Polaroid Images and Instax Camera has gained so much popularity lately. Society is starving for the images they can hold in their hands and keep in wallets or phone cases or even framed in their living rooms.

Give a Memorable Print

An excellent graphic designer knows, that a simple-yet perfectly aligned printing design can make a customer remember your brand’s name for a really long time. Speaking of examples, let’s discuss the Coca-Cola Campaign. Surely you remember when Coke has names printed on it’s bottles, with the concept of sharing, which is pretty much directly connected to the brand’s core values. That’s one big example of how prints can become lovely memories for certain individuals, some would even use it to find out their crushes names and there are actual memorable histories connected to that print campaign. Coca-Cola connected with it’s customers on a personal/emotional level.

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Be Inclusive

Continuing with the same Coke campaign, it’s important to keep in mind, that prints have to be as inclusive as possible. Now imagine, if in every country there were same names on bottles-the most international ones only, like-Anna, Maria, George etc. We can imagine how many others would be disappointed. The cool thing about this campaign is, that for example based on an insight, that for European citizens it’s sometimes difficult to pronounce certain native African names, Coca-Cola added transcriptions underneath the African names. We can possibly guess the smiles on the faces of those name-holders and that is exactly the point! A happy memory always stays longer than just a memory.

Look from another Perspective

Coca-Cola campaigns are great and can be discussed for centuries, but let’s take a more general approach to the matter. Other forms of prints are: Banners, Posters, Postcards, Billboards etc. Keep in mind, that even though we live in a digital era, there are still people in your target audience who don’t have regular access to digital goods like smartphones or computers. Poster is probably one of the most effective print direction. It can be produced massively, fits almost anywhere and acts as an exhibit in the middle of the street. Poster itself has many styles and can be used for practically any brand. They don’t always have to promote a product, but they can always promote the idea off of which the brand persona is based. For example, if your brand stands for ecology or preventing global warming, all you need to do is find a creative way to express your brand through the poster.

Imagine a poster so fun or aesthetically pleasing, that someone might just want to tear it off the downtown cityscape and take it home to decorate their personal space. That is the type of print we are speaking about-the one which reminds, resonates, connects and highlights the surroundings.

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By Caroline

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