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An Excellent Copy Improves The Tone Of Your Brand

By Caroline
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Re-Brand and Re-Copy

Now, we have most likely all heard on how a copywriter plays a huge role in the creative process of re-branding. Being involved in this process is necessary to actually watch the magic slowly come to life. Brainstorming is the start to a great copy. During this chaotic team work procedure, a lot of thoughts are spilled on the table like fine tea, but it’s only a few drops that will be left at the bottom of a cup, which are mostly the ideas we go for at the final stage of creative brainstorming.

Brand Identity-Tone of your Voice Matters

Speaking of real life examples, have you ever met someone who looks nice but speaks too rude to be true, or vice-versa? Their tone doesn’t match their general attitude and communications with that individual start getting either confusing or even toxic at a certain point. Here’s the thing-your brand is also a Persona. For a non-specific/general example, let’s say your brand supports the funding of medical treatment for the individuals who suffer from Asthma. Someone visits your website, or views your prints, just any type of communication, digital or not and feels that something is off. First confusing aspect could be, that your communication strategies for different campaigns (TV/OOH/POS/Digital) don’t match up and have different messages at the core. Of course the visual side must differ at some point, but they have to match up as well and be the parts of one big idea, when the viewer sees all of these campaigns, they must think: “Ooh, wow, now I get it!” It has to be connected.

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That’s one part of this communication in the matters of copywriting. Another thing is literally punctuation in your sentences. Remember that lesson in grammar on where to place a comma? Something like: “Let’s go eat, Mom!” and then “Let’s go, eat Mom!” Stressing on the wrong words could make your communication sound just as messy and confusing as the second sentence, which I’m sure you’re not very fond of.

Slogan that Engages Customers

Brand slogan, sometimes called a “Slogo” can become one of the magic elements in re-building your brand image to the next level. It has to be inspirational, a certain call to action. The best example again would be Nike’s “Just Do It”. In an article about the right typo we speak of how the logo says it all, now in this case, even if we erase the logo, this slogan is something that just SCREAMS Nike! Such a small verbal and written combination of words has created a model for a mindset. Now, I’m sure someone, somewhere said that before but the copywriting team was genius enough to use this phrase in communication, which has become THE label for the brand and this is what we call using insights on a subject we are focusing around wisely!

Benefits of Communication

In a second paragraph of our article we spoke of campaigns such as: Television/Key Visuals, Prints, Out of Home and Point of Sale. There is an old belief, that a good product does not need these communications and it can effectively stay on the market anyways, which I assure you is a MYTH! To show you more clearly as an example, let’s speak of Coca-Cola experiment in 1900s. We know this brand for its excellent communication strategies, just who doesn’t love Christmas Ads of this company?! Yet, in 1900’s coke decided to make an experiment and they stopped almost all forms of communications including updating their printed key visuals, and guess what? Sales went down in several states of the U.S. The point is, coke is one of our all-time favorite refreshments, but still, poor communication has even affected this giant and worldwide company. So, what’s the benefit? Sales Progress and Engagement! These two elements undoubtedly play a huge role in development of the Brand.

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By Caroline

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Caroline is a branding and communication specialist. She develops brand strategies and visual identities in line with our clients' ambitions. Innovation and performance are her watchwords, transforming your brand into a powerful vector of engagement and growth, her specialty.


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