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How to Tailor Your Content For Higher Engagement Rates

By Mariam
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Perfect Content doesn’t exis…

If you want to create THE perfect content, it’s important to publish the content where it is most effective to be, follow the trails of your customer and they will lead you to all the right places. This is one of the elements to tailor your content for the right target.

Inbound Communications

Keep in mind, that aside from communicating with you as a trustworthy brand, customers will always communicate amongst each-other to rate your services, those are the priciest things we can call INSIGHTS!

Insight based Communication

When we speak of insights, here is where the grace of copywriting comes into the play. You must remember that different audiences share their experiences, which can be later referred to as insights on different social media platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, even YouTube comment sections. Also, make sure to research LinkedIn and specific online forums regarding the subject of your services. Sneaking into some comments or Facebook Groups where your loyal or potential customers could be sharing their thoughts and recommendations will surely help you develop a better, customer care based communication style.

Gather Followers Effectively

Content can be published in many forms as well, just text is not the only choice you have. The resources are limitless, and you can maximize your views by co-working with podcasts, creating webinars, and then turn these recourses into textual subjects.

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People are looking for you content

You just might think, that your content has to solely interest the target audience and forget that, in fact your target audience is actually looking for your content, it’s just that they are looking for the right content!

Keep me Engaged

Curiosity is pretty much the main drive of engagement to start off with. Timing in this case is very important. Now let me tell you about a simple 3:30:3 rule. This rule will help you to obtain a viewer’s interest, especially if it’s an already buyer type customer. Imagine, that you have a timer on and you must complete each task, until this timer rings.

Intriguing Heading

First ringing comes after 3 seconds, you only have these 3 seconds to intrigue the potential customer and the loyal one as well. The key Elements to this one are: Heading, Design and Subtitles.

Showcase your Solutions

It’s necessary to present, what the brand stands for, briefly make it’s ideology and purpose clear to the viewer. The next timer rings in 30 seconds, so in this brief time you must show your target the solution to an issue they are facing, which you must have already found out through insight searches. The final part of this 30 second time challenge is a call to action.

Present your Brand-Image

The final countdown has 3 minutes on it, which gives you more space and time to inform the customer on your services, more detailed brand related information, video media, blog-posts and live communication channels.

Conversion Strategies

Think of it this way, you and your target audience have a relationship, which needs to be maintained through time, and to maintain it, you need to initiate the act of giving. Via this action you can keep the existing customer on-board and make it possible to have room for the potential ones who’d like to join as well. Educational purposes and benefits of subscription combined, based on showing the productivity of your brand or product will become your way to successful conversion rates.

Maintain your Rankings

Just like in real life, the process of getting to the top is quite tough, but staying there is another deal. Constantly check if your communication style is still tailored for your audience, maybe it has become weary after a period of time. Stay updated and insight aware.

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