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Marketing Trends To Follow For The Food Industry

By Nicole
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We all know that it is really difficult to adapt to new trends, when you do not know what to look for. Luckily, Edana is here to help.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular trends that are currently dominating the food and beverage market.

Digital marketing has influenced many industries, including Food & beverage and made it difficult to stand out from the competitors. To stay on top you need to follow several trends that are dominating market, for example:


Influencer marketing has become trending in digital world. This type of partnership does not only increase effectiveness or traffic to your brand, but it also helps users get an outside perspective on a food or a beverage product that they never even considered purchasing before. Usually start-up companies use this trend to boost the brand awareness and gain trust, but it can be also used by already established companies to be seen in a different light.

Video tutorials

Over the past few years video marketing has become one of the best way to introduce your brand in a different point of view and show the audience the various ways your products can be used. In food industry you can upload the video tutorials of how to make a specific dish using your own ingredients. But it is not enough to upload it only on your webpage. You need to promote it on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok.

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The best way to engage with the audience is by creating contests. They do not have to be only major ones, but something simple like “share your favorite recipe” or maybe something big like “create your own label.” Rewards will also depend on the size of the contest. For the small ones you can award with gift cards and for the big ones maybe a package full of your products, which will serve as a promotion itself. You will also have to think about the terms and conditions of the contest and do not forget hashtags.


There are many food & beverage businesses that do not have a blog on their website, since they are not sure about what to write. But little do they know that it is the key to getting a higher search results. You may ask: “What should I write about?” it can be many things, like the origin of your company, about your staff members, relevant topics to the industry or make it fun, write about fun facts that people have no way of know about your company.

Health and world

Nowadays people are obsessed with health and that is the major reason why plant-based foods are becoming more popular. You need to showcase that your products are not only healthy, but convenient as well. Go global!  Incorporate global tastes in your products to attract more customers. We are in the era of technology and it allows us to connect each other around the world in a blink of an eye. It is a cheap and easy way for customers to travel around the world and you should use it as an advantage.

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Our team can provide you with the necessary services to develop and successfully re-activate your brand’s engagement status. Edana can help you stay on top of trends! We have a big experience of working in food & beverage industry and know what should be done to reach success.

By Nicole

Social Media Expert



Nicole is an expert in social media marketing. Having worked for several well-known brands in different sectors in Switzerland and internationally, she is responsible for strategy and execution, enabling our clients to reach a new wave of digital consumers through a variety of touch-points.


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