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B2B Digital Marketing Strategies For Further Success

By Lina
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B2B and B2C Marketing

In comparison to reaching out to the individuals, Business to Business A.K.A. B2B marketing strategies need a totally different approach, or should we say specific.

Start from reconsidering if your website actually meets the needs of your business, a little help from your team can never be extra. Carefully look through your website data and make sure it’s up to date in the first place.

Inspiring Communication

Double check how relevant is your communication for your target audience, improve mobility and response quality. Include clear messages which call to action, such as:

  • Request a Quote
  • Schedule a Demo
  • Download a White Paper

Feature the links to your Social Media pages, of course don’t miss out on the LinkedIn when working on this one, which is one of the best platforms for B2B communications.

Consistency is Important

Just like the individual customer oriented digital marketing strategy, also make sure to maintain regular, real time monitoring and updates.

Do the research! Keep in mind, that in some cases you might actually need to switch the target audience.

Good Blogging leads to better Sales

And of course, SEO is a must! As mentioned above, B2B digital marketing strategies can be quite specific, so consider looking for outside engagement as well. For example, guest blogging opportunities, that link back to your blog and website.

Don’t forget the Visual Media Content which can have the educational value for your potential customers. At the moment, TikTok is a platform not to be missing out from! 15 second short videos just might do wonders on the statistics of your engagement.

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Engage Online and Offline

Integrating your online and offline marketing can be extremely helpful as well. Such integration can be:

  • Direct offline activity online using a landing page, QR code or keyword
  • Gather email addresses at offline events such as conferences or networking events
  • Use custom URLs on offline marketing activities so you can track activity

Check the Modern Tendencies

Tapping into social media is a modern tendency which is undeniably useful. The uses for social media can be to provide industry tips, news, pain point solutions and updates on your products or services.

Creative Solutions

You must keep in mind, that all the communication you use for your B2B strategy, must be entertaining for the target audience to stay interested in your updates. FAQ and SAQ posts are just as important to understand how to have a better tone in the digital communications. Let’s say-if your target audience is more of a young/fun persona, a strictly business tone would actually push the potential collaborations away.

For some, a tone that’s too familiar in any of your blog-posts might represent you as not serious enough to make a business deal with.

Research Again!

Leveling up your communication will take a while, all the good stuff is generally more time consuming, which means-you will have to sometimes go back to all the steps mentioned above. Stay up to date, because in another case you just might realize at the finish-line, that all your efforts have led to no results, because you didn’t update the vital elements to your effective digital communication.

Re-Define & Re-Organize

It’s obviously time to redefine our views on digital marketing and broaden the horizons, digital world is constantly changing and so should we to give better services and develop as a result. Yet, keep in mind, that digitalizing the service doesn’t mean de-humanizing it. The dialogue might be code-based, but communication is still human.

Our Role in your further Success

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By Lina

Ad Strategist



Lina is an expert in content strategy, consumer psychology and neuromarketing. She develops and deploys solid online content and advertising strategies enabling our customers to reach their target audiences and generate value in the digital space in Switzerland and abroad.


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