How to find your Brand Image?

By Tamar
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A unique identity

The services offered and the values of a company represent it. This representation allows the company to have its own identity, which is beneficial to customers and prospects. More than a differentiating factor, your brand image should not be left in the background and it is in your best interest to invest.

A positive image

Logo, slogan or attitude of the employees, several factors form your image and consequently, the representation that the public makes on your company and that it spreads. This is why the latter must be positive. Imagine for example a law firm with a vulgar motto or logo, this kind of image seems unprofessional and will scare away potential clients because it is not in line with the standards of this sector of activity and the values sought by its target clientele.

Define your line of conduct

For these reasons, before even thinking about creating your slogan or logo, you must think and make sure that your values are crystal clear. To do this, ask yourself questions, how do you understand your industry? What does the competition offer better? How does your company stand out? Once you have found an answer to these questions, you will have found the basis of your brand image. In both the professional and personal arenas, everything becomes easier when you know where you are coming from, where you want to go and how you are getting there.

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Get into the customer’s mind

Once you have defined your course of action, move on to the next step; present your company in image! Why do you do this? Because our brain filters the information it receives and visual elements are among its priorities. So where do you start? The logo? Why not? The latter must quickly get into the client’s mind, so make a mark by using the initials of your company, choose your colors intelligently because each of them has a meaning, let’s take green and blue for example, one evokes nature, the other the sky, the sea, space.
The logo is the most diffused and tuned element to your company, if you want to go even further by creating a real brand image; find a branding strategy!

Find your brand image

How to start branding your brand? By transforming your company’s identity into a true brand image. To do this, find a slogan, your slogan allows you to transcribe the personality of your company, it must summarize the activity of your company and what it can bring to the customer. To find this slogan, once again, ask yourself questions, what does your company have to say? What services do you offer? What is your main quality? Answering these questions will help you in this crucial step and all this, reminding your values.

Invest in branding strategy

You have found your company’s message? Now you have to think about spreading it, this is what we call the branding strategy, this process allows you to acquire a consistent brand image. Which medium to use for this diffusion? It depends on the target audience, opt for social networks if your target is a rather young audience, television if the target audience is older. Try to get into the consumer’s mind, put yourself in his place, will you watch a 1min30 ad on YouTube? Probably not because it can be annoying, so your audience won’t either, so think about street marketing instead? Events such as a tasting, a mini show or something else, will get more attention from the audience.

It’s up to you!

Remember that your brand image allows you to stand out and therefore, to better mark the customer’s mind. Now it’s up to you! If you wish to be accompanied by a team of professionals specialized in branding, contact us, as a Swiss branding agency we will be happy to accompany you in all or part of your strategy and/or its implementation.



Tamar is a branding and communication specialist. She develops brand strategies and visual identities in line with our clients' ambitions. Innovation and performance are her watchwords, transforming your brand into a powerful vector of engagement and growth, her specialty.


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