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A Helpful Guide To UX Research

By Caroline
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UX has taken the world to a whole new level. Some companies were able to adapt to the idea, that UX has become more customer-centric, which is an ability to not only meet customer needs, but meet it flawlessly, some unfortunately have not. There are four approaches that need to be taken into account:

  1. Attitudinal – where you listen to what your customers say
  2. Behavioral – where you observe their actions
  3. Generative – it helps you define the problem that you would to create a solution for
  4. Evaluation – helps you evaluate already existing design

Data-based UX: a key to customer retention

Nowadays, having a good product is not enough to attract customers, you have to have a good representation of it by showing to the customer that you care about them, which will result in the growth of your brand popularity.

Do not focus only on opinions, they should also be backed up by relevant data, which can be obtained from social media, since nowadays it has the biggest influence on potential customers. The data that you collected must be thorough, unbiased and comprehensive.

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UX research methods

There are several methods that allows you to conduct a UX research:

  • Remote usability testing

It allows you to interact with the users of your product in a natural environment that it is being used, be it the office, home or any other specific location. Using usability testing allows researchers, designers and product managers to uncover the pros and cons of the product and improve it later on.

  • Diary studies

It is a research that is conducted for a long period and requires self-reporting of how the product works on a long run, what are the good parts and what is frustrating.

  • Card sorting

In a way, it is creating cards with specific descriptions, which will be given to the clients, who will later on sort it out and give it to products based on their experience. It gives you a sense of what direction you need to work.

UX research tools

There are many types of user research methods and they use different tools. For example:

  • UX research survey – which means to design a specific questionnaire about user experience.
  • User groups – focus groups or targeted audience. Ask them about their experience, views or expectations, it is better to involve neutral parties for honest opinions.
  • User interview – one-on-one interview with the targeted audience members.
  • Ethnographic interview – it contains field studies, observation on the environment.

How to conduct UX research in 5 steps

  • Objective

List the things that you need to find out about your users and their needs.

  • Hypothesis

Discuss what information you already hold

  • Methods

What methods are you going to use based on your project type

  • Process

Consists of collecting data, using UX research methods

  • Synthesis

This step is about analyzing the collected data to fill in the gaps, then presenting your hypothesis and creating a plan to improve your product based on all above mentioned information.


In the past, UX research was used to solve a problem that was already known.  For example, if a company had less visitors and they wanted to find the reason behind such unusual low rate compared to others, they would use UX.

But that changed and UX research has become embedded in everyday processes for the teams. It has increased the value of getting fast human insights. If in the past it only focused on problem-solving, now it changed to first find a problem that needs to be solved. UX has become customer oriented and the companies are trying to adapt to these changes, to be more competitive on the financial market.

So can you put up a competition?

By Caroline

Creative Director



Caroline is a branding and communication specialist. She develops brand strategies and visual identities in line with our clients' ambitions. Innovation and performance are her watchwords, transforming your brand into a powerful vector of engagement and growth, her specialty.


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