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5 Extensively Asked Questions About Digital Customer Service

By Mariam
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Customer oriented digital market has become the present and the future for the companies. Even traditional on store companies have started serving customers online. The shift from traditional methods to digital did not only create challenges but it also created opportunities for companies to connect with their customers through different means, that on the other hand increase the need of more personalized experiences and innovative support, which uses technology to meet the needs of customers and form the overall customer experience.

To fully understand the importance of customer service we created several question that needs to be answered:

What makes digital customer service so important?

Communicating with customers and working with them through digital means is digital customer service. It can help you increase consumer satisfaction and reduce costs. In fact, customers nowadays expect to have a good customer service and many prefer to receive it through online means, since it is time efficient and requires less effort.

How can you improve your digital customer service?

Creating your own strategy based on the targeted audience and their expectations is the key to success. First of all, before doing anything complex, the basics should be covered, such as: creating and designing your website in a way that is eye catching, since visual factor plays a huge role on the positive outlook. Secondly a good contact center is a must. Lastly, you need to be active on other social platforms, since people tend to make decisions based on reviews done by other customers.

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Are you thinking about customer journey and is your date useful?

Before anything else, you need to be considerate of your customers and understand their daily journeys to accomplish certain tasks, such as opening an account, resolving disputes and many others on different platforms. In many companies, these tasks are managed by different teams and sometimes employees do not have any clue about what the customer does. Since they do not see the inner kitchen of the company, customers usually expect to receive all the information from one source. So understanding this part is critical. For this to work, employees should interact with each other instead of only focusing on the tasks that they were assigned to. While analyzing data, companies often face difficulties with organizing every bit of the information, since it is usually scattered in different departments and are not shared. Because of that the need of marketing activation platforms were created, where everything will be in one system and connecting the dots will become easier.

We all agree that it is good to have data about the customers, but it can also create a blind spot and get in our way of seeing a bigger picture. When something like this happens usually it is best to rely on behavioral economics. With this, companies do not make decision based on only general information, such as demographics, but they also manage to understand their motivation and make conclusions using that information.

How relevant are your communications and interactions and are you sure that you have the right people on your team?

Customers tend to make decisions pretty quickly whether they like your marketing message or not. The chances are 50-50, if it was relevant for them you get a satisfied customer, if not, you lose them. To not have any dissatisfied customer, companies use place personalization engines, which make actions based on customers activities, their real-time needs, interests and behaviors. But to get a fruitful results you need a good team operating it. Large companies on the market tend to create separate department that focus on customer service and recruit professionals. How they do it? First they identify the issue with staff, usually it is the lack of relevant talents and then fill in the gaps by hiring them.

Do you think digital?

We all know that the digital customer service will not disappear, but instead will evolve, hence the success of your brand directly depends on the customer service you provide and the best way to do it is to put yourself in their shoes even for one day.

So do you think digital?



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